Your Unique Personal Assistant Can’t Wait To Meet You
About OLLY App
Olly is the first home robot with an evolving personality that adapts to each individual. Designed to do more than just respond to commands, Olly’s advanced machine learning technology proactively assists you with your day-to-day routine by remembering your habits.
The Challenge
The whole application development per se was a challenge. One of the most striking challenge was the wireless integration. Since the application was written in React Native, at the client’s request, we had to make sure that the wireless works flawlessly on both iOS and Android.
The purpose of the app was to be simple and clean. It was quite a challenge to be able to incorporate all the onboarding processes into an easy set-up, with a friendly UX, to be easily understood by the users and also to be delightful for the eye.
Style Guide
Color Scheme
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UI Components

App User Interface
Since the purpose of the application is to be used as little as possible, the Interface contains several functions such as: Onboarding screen, My Olly, IoT Devices integration, My Integrations, My Rules, Profile and Feedback.
How does it work
Since Olly is a stand-alone device, the first screen of the application helps you on setting your home robot up, with descriptive images to make the process easier.
Olly Setup
After Olly was installed, it’s time to give him the chance to shine. This is why the next screens describe what you have to do in order to make him work. Paired with explanatory images and text, the setup is made to seem how it actually is: easy.
My Olly
Here you can see a history of what you have talked with Olly, the connected devices, integrations and rules. You can also manage Olly’s access, such as the camera and microphone. Above all, you can personalise Olly, by adding a personality, a location, a gender voice and the looks.
IOT Devices
Since Olly wants to be your personal home robot, you can pair it with different IoT Devices you have across the house, such as lights, speakers, thermostats and more. By doing this, you can give him voice commands on turning them on/off or lower/higher.
My Integrations
To make Olly more and more personal, you can also add your own integrations, such as Media, Transportation, Weather, Reminders & Alarms. You can ask Olly to give you information, or when it comes to reminders and alarms, you can also set them manually.
My Rules
Olly wants to be as personal as possible, hence why it comes with a proactivity option. If selected, you can choose to be greeted by Olly any time it sees you, to tell you the weather, to turn on the lights or the thermostats. You can also add several other things you want Olly to do for you.
Profile and Feedback
You can personalise your profile and also send feedback, in case something goes wrong with your Olly.
Interactive Prototype
Below you can see the flow of the application. Click on the device to see how it works.
Used technology
The application was written almost entirely in React Native, at the client’s request. There were some bits and pieces for which we wrote native code, in Swift. For instance, for the WiFi integration, for location management, camera, files and more.
Since the application was written in React Native, for Android we have also used native code, in very similar areas as the iOS app, for the WiFi integration and permissions for location, camera, files and more.
Both wireframing and the final UI design were done in Sketch, building a completely custom user experience. We use Invision for prototyping and collaboration on design.
Super Team
Product Manager
UI/UX Designer
React Native Dev.
React Native Dev.
QA Engineer