Oxwash is re-engineering the laundry process from the ground up.

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Project overview

Oxwash has created an ultra-clean, net-zero carbon emissions process, from collection through washing and back to delivery for personal and business level laundry, making them on the road to become the first truly sustainable and hygienic on-demand laundry company in the world.

They are here to redefine what it means to be a laundry service, setting new standards for quality, sustainability, social responsibility, and client care.


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Swift UIKit Kotlin Node.js Angular MongoDB


The Challenge

An efficient way to order and manage incoming, pending and outgoing orders.

Oxwash laundry, dry cleaning and ironing services are set up in modular buildings called lagoons. But for people to use them efficiently, they needed a mobile interface where they could put in their orders for on-demand laundry, while the business needed a dashboard to track all the incoming, pending and outgoing orders. At the time, they were using a third-party white label solution that had exceeded the limits of its customisation abilities. This is where our team came in.

Here’s what we did

We have built a mobile app for Oxwash to allow clients to make on-demand laundry orders, through which they could have predictability on the cleaning they would have to do on any given day.

We have also built a web interface of the same ordering flow both for households and businesses, where the second category could get adapted price ranges depending on their needs.

Each Lagoon has a business dashboard to track their incoming, pending and outgoing orders, so they can organise their workday, as well as the schedule of their riders. The same dashboard could be used for customer service purposes, from updating simple orders to managing larger accounts for businesses like hotels, restaurants or care homes, while the company was testing B2B services.


Discover Oxwash's streamlined features, from account setup and tailored laundry orders to real-time tracking and timely notifications.

All the features work together to ensure a tailored and efficient laundry service experience.

On-demand laundry app

When a person sets up their account on Oxwash, there are several steps they have to go through to be able to order a laundry delivery. They need to add their address to check if they’re in Oxwash’s area of activity, add a payment method, as well as set up their account with an email address and password.

Ordering a laundry delivery

A person needs to be very specific when they set up their laundry order. They can choose the type of clothing they want to include, as well as the material and any special decorations. While it helps the user have a clear calculation of their pricing, it also helps the Lagoon plan their work day. The user can also choose if the items included in their order should be laundered, ironed, or dry cleaned.

Order pick-up and delivery

Once a laundry order is sent out, the user can track the order and receive notifications regarding the status of it. Whether it’s incoming pick-up or delivery times, users will receive half-hour window notifications.

Admin Dashboard

Lagoon business management dashboard.

The Oxwash dashboard offers a CRM for order and address history, allowing business managers to create, edit, and manage orders, products, and recurring orders.

Tapptitude listens to the client’s needs and proposes effective solutions. Happy with their work, the client still relies on them for maintenance support.

Kyle Grant


Kyle Grant

Design System

Brand and style guide

Oxwash style guide reflects its business’ own no-nonsense approach to sustainable laundry.

Oxwash style guide reflects its business’ own no-nonsense approach to sustainable laundry.

With a base colour palette of blue tones and greys, as well as thin-lined icons, the UI is straightforward and lets the users get their job done with a feeling of comfort and cleanness, knowing they’re having a zero carbon impact on the environment. Which, at the end of the day, is what matters.




Node.js Heroku

3rd Party Integrations

Stripe Mailchimp Sendgrid Segment Mixpanel Apple Subscriptions Google Subscriptions




Angular MongoDB (Atlas)

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