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The Product Partner

To Push Your Ship
In The First 1000 Days

We partner with committed founders and product innovators to build digital products and tools that have a positive impact in the lives of millions. Our product squads are the hidden force behind sleek products that are loved by their users, backed by major investors, mentioned by tech media, and making their founders impact heroes and awarded entrepreneurs.

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With #RemoteFirst as a business model, we're young, international, inclusive and properly nice folks, with long years of building products under our belts. We're defined by what we love and we're made stronger by our difference.


We love products that solve real needs and create positive habits in their users’ lives. We love tech that fulfils its purpose and fits its context. We love meaningful interactions with our partners and peers. We love and respect a bold vision and honour the courage of committed founders. We love work with quality and integrity at its heart.


But… we’re not an agency. We don't “rent developers”. We don't do “outsourcing”. We don't believe in short-term gigs. We don't “copy existing products”. We don't give out prices for “development”. We don't “bid” for projects. We don't “negotiate” rates. We don't “sell” to convince others to work with us. And we don't believe that “better design” is enough.

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Product De-Risking

As A Service.

A no-nonsense partner to bridge the space between your product concept and scalable growth.
Product partners for the long run.
We cover the entire flow, from taking an idea and launching it as a full mobile product, to user testing and go-to-market advice. This includes everything from product strategy and UI/UX design, to cross-platform and native mobile development.
Full product teams that run from day one.
With over 100 digital products built in the last six years within various industries, we know what it takes to build a strong and engaging mobile or web app. About 40% of our team members have reached senior level of expertise in their field. You can rest assured: your product is in good hands.
Mobile as an ongoing experience of value.
We’ve taken special care to build a strong and steady team in-house. All of our people are trained in our custom processes and have the specific focus and attention to details that has made Tapptitude one of the strongest app development agencies in Romania. Our internal mobile development school brings fresh talent in the development team every year.
MVP first, then fast iterations towards PMF.
We work tightly with our client’s teams. This brings many advantages in terms of communication and reduces many of the usual hiccups of outsourced development. It’s probably why our clients come over in our beautiful offices quite often for workshops and working sessions.
Habit-creation for better lives and sticky products.
We work agile: two-week sprints and stand-up s ensure a fast delivery and an effective communication with the client. Our Product Discovery Workshops, Mobile MVP solutions and accurate Prototypes bring our clients clarity and amazing product value. We always advise on fast validation and doing user testing as early and as often as possible.


Products Built
Mobile-first products that positively impact the lives of millions of users all over the world every day.


Product Squad
Strategists, Developers, Designers, Testers and Product Managers working hand-in-hand to build and launch exceptional products.


Years of Growth
What started as a team of four founders team is now a full squad of product teams that deliver value with care and passion.


International Offices
From London and New York to our headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, we're international and inclusive, with a global mindset.

Meet the

Leadership Team

We're a team of highly experienced product entrepreneurs who obsess about building the right thing. And this shows in every product we deliver.
Alex T.
Alex Tudose
Head of iOS & Full Stack
Alin F.
Alin Fetița
Chairman & Operating partner
Laurențiu O.
Laurentiu Onac
Head of Android
Lucian C.
Lucian Cocan
Operational Manager
We're a global team of makers and thinkers.

We love what we do. We nurture growth and champion possibility. Driven, but laid back. Confident, but humble. Talented, but not pretentious. We're a friendly group of designers, strategists, and product managers. And we're all passionate about pushing limits every day.

Ioana F.
Ioana Furtună
PM Lead
Paul Ț.
Paul Țirban
PM Lead
Rareș P.
Rareș Podani
Design Lead & Product Manager
We don't settle for anything less than "exceptional"

At our core, we believe in pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations for everything digital. That's our dynamics. Our team is about crafting exceptional solutions that go beyond the ordinary for founders from different backgrounds and industries. And we're having a lot of fun doing so.

Cătălin D.
Cătălin Demian
iOS Lead
Efraim B.
Efraim Budusan
iOS Lead
Andrei T.
Andrei Teslovan
Android Lead
Alexandru H.
Alexandru Hadăr
Android Lead
Ștefan S.
Ștefan Suciu
Full Stack Lead
Cătălin P.
Cătălin Pop
Full Stack Lead
Rareș N.
Rareș Neșa
Full Stack Lead
Roxana R.
Roxana Rad
QA Lead
Adina V.
Adina Vereș
QA Lead
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Mentions &

We've been part of many success stories.

Tapptitude is recognized as an Impact Star in Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 Central Europe

Read more
Financial Times

Glorify landed $40 million in Series A funding led by a16z

Read more
Tech Crunch

Oxwash bags $1.7M for a cleaner spin on laundry

Read more

Meet the

Product Teams

Simina S.
Simina Simon
Financial Manager
Our backbone is built on meaningful contributions

The strength of Tapptitude is deeply rooted in the impactful contributions of each team member. It's not just about talent; it's about the meaningful ways each person shapes our projects. From game-changing ideas to the meticulous details, every individual's input is a cornerstone of your product's mission and success.

Roxana C.
Roxana Călățean
Credit Controller
Miett N.
Miett Nagy
Office Manager
Răzvan M.
Răzvan Muscă
IT Support
Tudor C.
Tudor Cutuș
Product Sales Consultant
We're an adaptable fun bunch

Our culture is a dynamic dance of creativity and flexibility, where being an awesome professional and having a good time go hand in hand. Whether it's pivoting strategies, brainstorming wild ideas, or turning challenges into triumphs, our squad knows how to roll with the punches and keep the vibe light.

Alexandru A.
Andrei-Alexandru Atzberger
Product Manager
Andreea G.
Andreea Gherba
Product Manager
Anca H.
Anca Hangea
Product Manager
Cezar F.
Cezar Fătu
Product Manager
Tudor S.
Tudor Stadiu
Product Manager
Larisa B.
Larisa Bortă
Product Manager
Ioana B.
Ioana Bărbănțan
Machine Learning & Data Scientist
Tudor O.
Tudor Cosmin Oanea
Generative AI & LLM Engineer
Victor V.
Victor Vlad
Full Stack Developer
Sergiu B.
Sergiu Balaban
Full Stack Developer
Florin P.
Florin Postolache
Full Stack Developer
Vlad L.
Vlad Lenghel
Full Stack Developer
Vlad P.
Vlad Pătrașcu
Full Stack Developer
Denis T.
Denis Toader
Full Stack Developer
Ioana C.
Claudia-Ioana Coste
Full Stack Developer
Ștefan C.
Ștefan Chițanu
Full Stack Developer
Laurențiu P.
Laurențiu Pricop
Full Stack Developer
Cosmin B.
Cosmin Bărbăscu
Full Stack Developer
Gabriel A.
Gabriel Arghire
Full Stack Developer
Denis S.
Denis Șipoș
Full Stack Developer
Alina I.
Alina Iovan
Full Stack Developer
Tony N.
Antonie Necula
Full Stack Developer
Ema H.
Emanuela Harosa
Full Stack Developer
Beniamin C.
Beniamin Chira
Full Stack Developer
Sabina S.
Sabina Stănescu
Product Designer
Valentina D.
Valentina Dumitrescu
Product Designer
Maria G.
Maria Grigoraș
Product Designer
Alita C.
Alita Csernyei
Product Designer
Andrei A.
Andrei Aștilean
QA Engineer
Roxana C.
Roxana Colceriu
QA Engineer
Raul T
Raul Tegzeșiu
QA Engineer
Ioana S.
Ioana Suciu
QA Engineer
Alex S.
Alex Sarca
QA Engineer
Miruna L.
Miruna Loghin
QA Engineer
Cornel A.
Cornel Anghel
QA Engineer
Teodora C.
Teodora Cîrdeiu
QA Engineer
Mark G.
Mark Gherba
QA Engineer
Paul J.
Paul Jiman
QA Engineer
Ștefan G.
Ștefan Gorgan
QA Engineer
Gabriel B.
Gabriel Bîta
QA Engineer
Emanuel T.
Emanuel Tofan
QA Engineer
Doru C.
Doru Cojocaru
iOS Developer
Paul F.
Paul Fărcaș
iOS Developer
Paul M.
Paul Marc
iOS Developer
Marian I.
Marian Iconaru
iOS Developer
Sergiu C.
Sergiu Corbu
iOS Developer
Cosmin C.
Cosmin Coșan
iOS Developer
Sandu T.
Sandu Tocan
iOS Developer
Daria A.
Daria Andrioaie
iOS Developer
Raul P.
Raul Pele
iOS Developer
Silviu P.
Silviu Preoteasa
iOS Developer
Cristian D.
Cristian Dregan
Android Developer
Alex P.
Alex Cristian Pop
Android Developer
Georgiana S.
Georgiana Daniela Stanciu
Android Developer
George F.
George Fodor
Android Developer
Alex H.
Alex Hasmasan
Android Developer
Andreea A.
Andreea Acatrinei
Android Developer
Cătălin D.
Cătălin Dârjan
Android Developer
Flaviu C.
Flaviu-Olimpiu Crișan
Android Developer
Maria R.
Maria Runcan
Android Developer
Alex D.
Alex Dani
Flutter Developer
Iulia B.
Iulia Maria Bîrsan
Flutter Developer
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Exceptional Partners
Who Believe In Our Model

Glorify$84.6M Funding
Wellory$4.2M Funding
Holler$51.4M Funding
Oxwash£15.8M Funding
VahaSeries B Funding
Ometria$81.8M Funding
BOND$2M Funding
Tenor$32M Funding
Shebah$3M Funding

Our products have been featured in the media:

Financial Times
Apple App Store
The Guardian

You're In Great Company


ClutchSam Robinson

Sam Robinson

Co-Founder, BOND

"Tapptitude has been a critical partner in developing our platform, and we wouldn’t be where we are without their help."


ClutchAndrew Smith

Andrew Smith

CEO, OnTapp

"Tapptitude is a very good development agency. I’ve been delighted with the results and their adherence to our timeframe and budget. Looking at competitor products on the market, we’ve managed to produce something better in a shorter period of time."


G2Myles Munro

Myles Munro

Co-founder/ Board Member, Slite

"Highly knowledgeable and skilled. They added significant value from the early scoping phase through to development, testing and iteration. They are very thorough, diligent and timely."


G2Barry Livingston

Barry Livingston

CTO, Glorify

"Tapptitude has great people. They're smart, competent, professional, and easy to work with. In addition, they take their work seriously and are very responsive to requests. Solutions are generally good quality, especially in the mobile codebases."


🚨 New Blog Alert!

We're excited to share our latest article on disaster recovery! 💥 At Tapptitude, ensuring the stability of our products is our top priority. Despite our best efforts, incidents can happen. That's why we've developed a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan tailored to each product.

Learn about the importance of disaster recovery, how our team handles incidents, and why rapid response is crucial.

Check it out now: https://tapptitude.com/blog/what-is-a-disaster-recovery-plan-and-why-your-startup-needs-one 

#tapptitude #tappsquad #disasterrecovery #tech #blogpost
We're thrilled to share a new case study on our website featuring Glorify - the Christian Daily Worship app that helps you connect and reconnect with God daily. 🙏 

We've supported Glorify on its journey towards internationalization and launches in key regions including the UK, the US, and South America. 🌎 

And the results? 📈 Glorify is now the leading Christian Daily Worship app worldwide, touching the lives of millions every single week, with over 16M downloads.

➡️ Check out the full case study: https://tapptitude.com/case-studies/glorify 
➡️ Enjoy the app: https://glorify-app.com/ 

Ready to embark on your next app development journey with confidence? Start your project with us today and see your ideas come to life. 

#tapptiude #tappsquad #glorify #dailydevotion #wellness #ios& android
Introducing our latest case study post featuring Reverse Health - the mobile app revolutionizing weight loss during menopause.

With over 12k paid subscriptions, 10k+ daily active users, and a whopping 15k+ monthly active users, the impact speaks volumes! 💪 

The app integrates gamification to make fitness enjoyable, offers bite-sized information for quick updates, and provides personalized meal plans tailored to users' needs.🥗 Check out the full case study: https://tapptitude.com/case-studies/reverse-health

Ready to embark on your next app development journey with confidence? Start your project with us today and see your ideas come to life.

#tapptiude #tappsquad #reversehealth #menopauseweightloss #healthcare #flutter #appdevelopment #US
🎉 We're thrilled to announce that we've received a 5-star🌟 review on G2 from a happy client! Their kind words are a huge motivator for the entire team.

👏 Warm thanks to our incredible team and a big shoutout to our client for recognizing our efforts.

Check out our profile on G2 to see what our clients have to say about working with us: https://www.g2.com/products/tapptitude/reviews

Explore the Postable project here: https://www.postable.com/

#tapptitude #tappsquad #5starreview #G2 #clientsuccess
🎉🌟 Fantastic news alert! 🎉🌟 
We're proud to have been praised by Xposure Music, one of the leading platforms for musical artists to get noticed, get capital and connections they need.

👏 Let's keep pushing boundaries and delivering outstanding results together! 💪 

Check out our profile on G2 to see what our clients have to say about working with us: https://www.g2.com/products/tapptitude/reviews
Explore the Xposure Music project here: https://xposuremusic.com/

#tapptitude #tappsquad #5starreview #G2 #clientsuccess
Here's to the incredible Tapptitude ladies and all the community's superwomen - your commitment and resilience profoundly inspire us.

Keep shining bright and rocking the world with your awesomeness! 

#womensday #tapptitude #tappsquad #happywomensday
If you're all about HR hustle, making work feel like play, and turning office vibes up to 11, then we need to chat! 
Check out the careers link in our bio and join the Tapptitude squad. We’re hiring 💜 

#tapptitude #tappsquad #HR #careersincluj #careergoals #teamwork #communication #organization
Unlock the true potential of your product with a resilient web & backend infrastructure. Learn why this is crucial for user satisfaction and product success in our latest blog post. 

Ready to take your product to the next level? Start your project with us today and let's build something incredible together! 

Read more via the link in bio under Latest Articles. 

#tapptitude #tappsquad #mobileapps #backendinfrastructure #techstack #fullstackdevelopment
Our fantastic QA Lead Roxana writes about how you can unlock the secret to Successful App Development and Why Early Investment in QA is Crucial. Discover how QA transforms hurdles into triumphs, saving time, budget, and ensuring a seamless, research-backed approach to development. 

Ready to embark on your next app development journey with confidence? Start your project with us today and experience the difference QA-driven development makes!

Read more via the link in bio under Latest Articles.

#tapptitude #tappsquad #mobileapps #qualityassurance #techsuccess #techstrategy
We are thrilled to have been acknowledged as a leading mobile app development agency by Clutch in 2023, putting us in the top 1% of companies in this field (or more precisely, the top 0.04%). 

This recognition is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative mobile solutions to our clients. Being among the top percentile of mobile app development companies highlights our expertise, dedication, and ability to surpass industry standards.

#tapptitude #mobileapps #mobileappdevelopment #design #b2bawards #clutch
If your favorite bird is Swift and have a decent deal of experience in building exciting iOS products, we need to talk. 
If that’s the case, check out the careers link in our bio and join our iOS developers squad. We’re hiring 💜  #careersincluj #mobileapps #ios #jobsinromania #careergoals
Happy #InternationalWomensDay! 

Shout out to the Tapp Ladies and all the women who are builders, creators and just awesome human beings making their communities better every day! ✨🌻

Meet some of them below as we’ve asked what it means for them to be a woman in tech. 

#EmbraceEquity #IWD2023 #WomenInTech #ProductStudio #TappSquad
What’s up, startups? 

Gabriel Dombri, our CEO, is joining Startup Weekend Oradea as a mentor. ✨ 

He’s going to be in great company, so the event is shaping up to be a great one. We can’t wait to hear all about the local tech community and the great job the teams will be doing!

(Psst! What kind of product would you like to see win? 🤫)

#startupscommunity #startups #startupweekendoradea #oradea #productstudio #TappSquad #hackathon #founders #startupsromania
As we’re in the business of being development partners to our clients, we’re always happy to hear about ‘a perfect match’ kind of stories. 💖

But things don’t always work out. 💔

Our colleague Tudor wrote a blogpost on how to approach that situation. Link in bio.

#productstudio #mobileappdevelopmentagency #developmentpartner #productinsights #producttipsandtricks #appdevelopment #startups
Of course we’ve been debating the recent tech industry layoffs. Our biased take on it is in the lines of: �

🔵 is it financially driven? (most likely)�
🔵 will it change how big tech operates? (definitely)�
🔵 will it change how STARTUPS operate? (we sure hope so) �

After all, there’s more than one way to build a product. We’re proof of that. Get the full article link in our bio.
If you’re wondering, the recipe for a great week is:

👉 @pangea.ai naming us one of the Top 25 iOS App Developers. 
👉 @techbehemoths awarding us as one of the Top App Developers in Romania in 2022. 
👉 1/2 great clients to work with
👉 another 1/2 a great team to work with
👉 1/4 fun memes

(Oh, shush! 🤫 We know we’re cheating.)

Great list of wins, #TappSquad! Let’s keep up the good work! 👏👏

#productstudio #mobileappdevelopment #mobileappdev #mobiledevelopmentagency #awardsandrecognition
Short love story: You have this kick-ass idea for a dating app, and you fall in love with it, but you can’t think of a niche that isn’t already covered by some other product out there… 🤕 The end. No, wait! 🙌 Where’s the happy ending?

That’s when we come into play. 🚀Read more about the 3 core user flows in a dating app, and let us give your product a fighting chance to take over a share of the market! 👉

#datingapps #socializingapps #productstrategy #mobiledevelopmentagency #productdesign #productbreakdown
In the coming year, we hope you will: 

💪 only have nice problems to solve 
🪂surprise yourself with at least one new experience 
✏️ and make something you'll be proud of (yes, we think everything counts 🙌). 

Happy New Year from the #TappSquad! 🎆 🎊🥂