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Lasting weight loss through habit forming and personalized meal plans


Project overview

Reverse Health is dedicated to addressing the unique challenges of weight loss during menopause through a mobile app.

Recognizing the struggles faced by individuals dealing with stubborn weight gain and common menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, sleep disturbances, and fatigue, we have developed an app with a comprehensive program to support lasting weight loss and improved quality of life.


$500k - $1M



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Flutter, NodeJS

The Challenge

Creating a program that offers sustainable weight loss solutions was paramount, especially considering the busy lives of the women we aimed to support. We recognized the need to make every aspect of the app seamless and user-friendly, ensuring it wouldn't take up too much of their precious time.

We aimed to move away from restrictive diets and calorie counting, instead emphasizing the importance of food tailored to individual dietary preferences and menopausal stage. This required extensive research and collaboration with nutritionists and menopause experts to ensure the effectiveness and safety of our approach. Furthermore, designing features such as personalized meal plans, recipe libraries, and tracking tools posed technical challenges. We needed to develop a user-friendly interface that would seamlessly integrate these components while providing an engaging and supportive user experience.

Here’s what we did

We developed an app with a flexible and sustainable approach to weight loss, focusing on real, delicious food rather than restrictive diets or calorie counting. With personalized meal plans tailored to individual dietary preferences and menopausal stage, we enabled users the joy of a diverse range of recipes at their fingertips.


 Making weight loss easy through features that incentivize habit forming.

The app integrates gamification to make fitness enjoyable, offers bite-sized information for quick updates, includes habit formation tools for lasting change, and provides personalized meal plans tailored to users' needs. These features make achieving health goals both achievable and enjoyable.


Reverse health incorporates a gamification feature to make the journey to a healthier lifestyle engaging and enjoyable. Users are encouraged to reach their fitness goals through streaks. The gamification element adds an element of fun, excitement and accountability, transforming mundane tasks into enjoyable activities, ultimately helping users achieve sustainable weight loss success.

Bite sized information

Through this feature, users can access concise, bite-sized pieces of content, tailored to their interests and preferences, enhancing their overall experience. By offering snippets of information in a format conducive to quick consumption, the feature allows users to stay informed on-the-go without feeling overwhelmed. Whether it's dietary updates, educational articles, or weight loss tips, users can effortlessly engage with content that resonates with them, fostering a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Habit formation

The product assists users in forming healthy eating habits through streaks, personalized goals, and daily reminders. Users can easily track their progress and receive insights to stay motivated. By incorporating this feature into their routine, users can make lasting improvements to their dietary habits and overall well-being.

Personalized meal plan

Reverse health offers personalized meal plans tailored to individual health goals and dietary preferences. Users input their information, including age, weight, and dietary restrictions. The app generates customized meal plans with nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. It provides nutritional information, a shopping list, and allows meal tracking. The nutrition team continuously learns from user feedback to refine recommendations, helping users achieve their health and fitness goals effectively.

Design System

Designing for an excellent user experience

The name Hifumi is derived from the Japanese phrase "1-2-3," symbolizing simplicity, efficiency, and a commitment to excellence.

The name Hifumi is derived from the Japanese phrase "1-2-3," symbolizing simplicity, efficiency, and a commitment to excellence.

The brand showcases a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and elegance, inspired by traditional Japanese cherry blossoms. Every aspect of our platform, from the intuitive user interface to the meticulously curated restaurant selection, is meticulously crafted to offer customers an exceptional experience.

Praise Be, Dream Team

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Impact created

Since the launch of Reverse Health's mobile app, we have seen drastic improvements, particularly in boosting user retention and engagement. Our additions, including personalized meal plans, habit formation tools, and bite-sized information, have contributed to a significant increase in user satisfaction and commitment to the program. By offering tailored solutions to address menopausal weight loss challenges, we've seen a notable improvement in user retention rates. Users are not only achieving their weight loss goals but are also staying engaged with the app over the long term.

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