Solving the UK mental health crisis with technology

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Project overview

In a world where the pursuit of mental well-being becomes crucial, emerges Minderful—designed to connect with individuals in search of novel ways to navigate their psychological equilibrium.

By seamlessly integrating various ways of exploring mental well-being, Minderful facilitates a transformative journey toward cultivating presence and infusing a newfound vitality into daily living.


$250k - $500k


6 months

Release Date


Awards & Recognition

The Challenge

The UK's dual challenges of COVID and a mental health crisis demanded creative aproaches.

The United Kingdom was already contending with a substantial number of patients dealing with mental health issues. However, in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, a significant portion of the population discovered themselves facing even greater challenges, as the health sector faltered under the weight of the pandemic's impact

Here's what we did

We assisted the founders of Minderful in providing fresh methods for individuals seeking to enhance their mental well-being, and have all of that readily available from their pocket.

Product discovery

Every worthwhile endeavour starts with a blank canvas and a skilled team

We conducted a series of workshops to discover the core of the product we’re setting out to build. It's crucial to investigate various ways the product can meet users' needs, define our target audience clearly, and analyse the competitive landscape in which we’re operating in order to devise a good plan of action.

User flows

To kick things off, we tried capturing initial ideas by putting together user flows to observe the general value stream

Following discussions about various use cases we might encounter, we continued to update the flow maps accordingly. This step helps a lot in clarifying decisions before we start moving into design.

Adding the right features

Minderful works by giving you ideas for new activities to try to help improve your well-being.

These activities are called Journeys, we call them like this because we believe that every step you take with Minderful is a big step in your grand journey to becoming a better person.

Find Your Calling

Explore different Journeys and find the right one for you.

Minderful Pillars

Explore and find the Journeys that are right for you by going through these five Pillars. We encourage discovery, engagement, and learning.

Earn Badges

Complete journeys, upload proof of you doing those activities in real life and win lots of badges.

Listen And Learn

Listen to curated audio content by various professionals and learn about the most interesting ways to improve your mental well-being.

Track Your Progress

See how far you’ve come and gain motivation to keep pushing forward.

Design system

Baking components and making them work well together

We devised a clean design system to easily help us develop features along the way while maintaining visual consistency throughout the whole app experience.


We used a robust tech stack that combines well established native technologies, to develop the app with stability and scalability in mind.

By using a combination of native frameworks, cloud and third party services we have ensured a fast launch that allows the app to be adopted early by users and its growth driven by real user feedback.


Swift SwiftUI Apple In-App Purchase


Kotlin Compose Google In-App Product


Node.js MongoDB (Atlas) Angular


AWS Terraform

3rd Parties

AppsFlyer Firebase Mixpanel NewRelic Postman Sentry Twilio

Praise Be, Dream Team

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Impact Created

Inspired by the biopsychosocial model of mental health and led by scientific principles, Minderful, offers hundreds of ideas and mentally uplifting activities to explore and discover, thus changing the paradigm of how people should approach mental fitness.

Featured by Apple as App of the Day & Top Audio App
Experts as speakers to guide the user through their mental transformation journey such as Dr. Nick Prior
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