Turning your mobile device into a professional surveying tool


Project overview

Tap2Map is a 3D flight planner for DJI drones, made for professional surveyors to collect aerial imagery following basic photogrammetric airborne survey rules.

Users can easily define the mapped terrain, plan their drone flight path or import a pre-existing plan, track the drone as it surveys the terrain and export the photos to their preferred third-party software. The product is available on iOS (version 10 or higher), for all models of the iPhone and iPad.


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The Challenge

Tap2Map’s challenge was two-fold: designing a user-friendly flight planning app for newcomers and technically computing accurate flight paths considering terrain, drone capabilities (speed, autonomy, camera sensors), and various use cases.

Achieving a smooth, but complex experience can be a daunting task to take on, especially when processing large data sets with highly computational algorithms. However, the app manages to give users a clean interface, with intuitive controls, and exceptional performance. Technically, it was crucial for the app to remain stable and highly performant while carrying the heavy algorithmic load, especially since it is the only interface between the user and a flying drone.

Here’s what we did

We built a solution that succeeds in gathering high quality imagery data, and offers use cases that are tailored to the most popular photogrammetry project types. Tap2Map managed to precisely integrate dynamic data collection parameters into the flight path computation algorithms, with a high level of customisation.


Elevating proven market functionality to a higher standard.

With Tap2Map, we took established industry processes and refined them into user-friendly app workflows, leveraging the mobility of handheld devices and the advanced capabilities of drones.

Multiple Flight modes

The app offers five different flight modes, allowing users to capture the most relevant imagery data for their specific needs.

Easy project setup (off-site)

Users can set up new projects in the comfort of their office, and tweak them to their needs before take off.

Real time progress status

When launching a drone mission, the user is able to track the drone in real-time. They can also check the acquisition status of individual photos, as well as other useful information (battery status, remaining time, drone parameters).

Advanced flight configuration

The app allows users to fine-tune their flight with custom parameters in order to obtain the desired quality on their data. It also offers support for RTK, custom camera angles, manual shutter and ISO control, custom drone speed, and sensor toggling.

Design system

Designing for an excellent user experience

Tap2Map’s visual language is based on a simple color palette of purple and dark gray, plus the simplicity of topographic maps, including white space and clear labels.

Tap2Map’s visual language is based on a simple color palette of purple and dark gray, plus the simplicity of topographic maps, including white space and clear labels.

The logo of the app is a stylised representation of the two main features of the product: the use of drones as technical assistants, and the graphical representation of the flight plan.


Tap2Map was built using Swift and the DJI iOS SDK. Libraries of trigonometry were adapted for the app, as well as polygon clipping and slicing algorithms.

Both wireframing and the final UI design were done in Sketch, building a completely custom user experience. We used Invision to prototype and collaborate on the design.


Swift UIKit SwiftUI Apple In-App Purchase

3rd party integrations

Firebase Google Maps Metron Realm

Praise Be, Dream Team

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Cătălin Demian


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Impact Created

Although an underdog, Tap2Map managed to surpass established competitor apps in regard to reliability of the collected data. It started as a proof of concept, then turned into a fully functional product that succeeds in bringing innovative ideas to the world of drone photogrammetry.

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