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Project overview

Ontapp helps venue customers to order and pay for food and drinks from their table using the in-venue ordering app.


$250k - $500k



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The Challenge

Develop a comprehensive solution that offers customers the flexibility to choose between walk-up ordering and advanced ordering through the app, all within a unified platform.

Additionally, the challenge involves creating a bartender version compatible with PAX POS terminals and implementing support for order printing in both kitchen and bar environments.

Our approach

We have engineered a comprehensive solution that facilitates venues in leveraging Ontapp, thereby providing venues with the flexibility to choose between traditional walk-up ordering and sophisticated app-based ordering through a singular, integrated platform.

Furthermore, with the introduction of Ontapp's PAX terminals, we offer enhanced service speed and a commitment to augmented revenue generation. These compact devices empower every staff member with an advanced point-of-sale system, significantly diminishing wait times during peak periods. Our solution also boasts integration with Star printers, accommodating the requirements of venues that necessitate printing capabilities in the kitchen or bar. In addition, we have built a web-based administrative interface designed for efficient venue and inventory management, ensuring a streamlined operational workflow.


The Ontapp app is a powerful ecosystem for any hospitality business that wants to improve their in-venue ordering and service, and grow their business.

Customer app

Ontapp is the ultimate in-venue ordering experience designed to enable businesses to serve their customers seamlessly and contactlessly. Tableside ordering has never been simpler. Ontapp's intuitive interface allows customers to browse menus, place orders, and pay directly from their phones, eliminating queues and wait times. Customers can customize orders, add notes, and reorder favorites, fostering a sense of control and satisfaction. Pay securely through the app with various payment options, simplifying the checkout process, and receive live updates on order status, enhancing the dining experience.

Bartender (Staff) app

The bartender (staff) version of Ontapp application empowers bartenders with streamlined order management capabilities. Its user-friendly interface enables bartenders to efficiently view grouped orders by table or drink, thereby enhancing service speed and minimizing staff workload. Furthermore, the application automates order printing, intelligently distributing items between the bar and kitchen without necessitating additional staff efforts. Experience heightened efficiency and seamless order handling with our bartender application.


The third component of the Ontapp application is its bartender version, tailored for PAX point-of-sale terminals. This version enables bartenders to seamlessly process payments directly within the app, eliminating the need for outdated devices and terminals. Additionally, the app supports cash transactions, obviating the necessity for supplementary hardware. This feature-rich solution is ideal for various venues, including large festivals, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

Venue & inventory management Web App

Furthermore, a web application is available to assist venues in inventory and location management. This tool empowers venue operators to dynamically adjust pricing based on the day or specific events, significantly simplifying venue operations. With automated pricing updates, there is no longer a need for manual adjustments when events occur or when pricing is contingent on specific days and hours.

Receipts & orders printing

The division between beverage and food orders is seamlessly automated, with printing facilitated through STAR printers.

Ontapp ecosystem

- Ontapp iOS Consumer App - Ontapp Android Consumer App - Ontapp iOS Bartender App - Ontapp Android Bartender App - Ontapp PAX POS Bartender App - Ontapp Venue & Inventory Management Web App

Tapptitude delivered a sleek and user-friendly app that has been met with a positive response. The product is almost without fault, and 10,000 customers have already used it. The skilled team managed the project systematically and delivered their work on time and within the budget.

Andrew Smith


Andrew Smith

Design System

Designing for an excellent user experience

From the project's inception, we recognised the app's primary usage in venues with limited lighting setups. This consideration guided our design choices, aiming for a look that is easy to navigate without leaving a lasting afterimage or drawing unnecessary attention.

From the project's inception, we recognised the app's primary usage in venues with limited lighting setups. This consideration guided our design choices, aiming for a look that is easy to navigate without leaving a lasting afterimage or drawing unnecessary attention.

The strategic use of color coding and emphasis on key areas resulted in an app that is not only visually pleasing but also intuitive from the first order. Our collaboration with the founder played a crucial role in shaping and executing the entire platform, aligning seamlessly with the vision of creating a comprehensive in-venue order management system.



Swift UIKit


Java POS payment terminal solutions

Web & Backend

Angular Node.js MongoDB Redis


Amazon CloudWatch AWS Elastic Beanstalk CI/CD Terraform

3rd parties

Star Printers integration Stripe Monek Mollie Sentry New Relic Sendgrid Firebase Twilio AWS

Praise Be, Dream Team

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Impact created

Ontapp represents a transformative solution for both customers and businesses within the hospitality industry. By streamlining the ordering process, personalizing the experience, and facilitating efficient group management, Ontapp fosters a win-win situation, enhancing customer satisfaction, improving operational efficiency, and driving business growth.

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