Palate Wizards

Use your phone to scan a wine, beer or spirit and find it at your favorite retailer.

Wine surveys & recommendations

About the app

A New York-based business that enables retailers to dialogue with their consumers directly wanted to enter the mobile world with a native mobile app. The mobile app is the perfect setting for customers to have access to a variety of products, while retailers gain essential knowledge about their customer base.

The app enables the user to scan a wine, beer or spirits bottle anywhere they come across them. Subsequently, they’ll know where to buy it, they’ll be able to order it directly from their favourite retailer or get the ingredient list. Taking one of the app’s surveys or rating the drinks they’re familiar with, will only personalise the app further, making for the more accurate recommendations for the user in the future.

Wine surveys & recommendations


We developed a white label support system. The core of the app – meaning the main functionalities and features – bring in user customisation options as well. 

The app needed to be a smart tool for both retailers and consumers. We constantly kept in mind that it had to be efficient business wise, as well as engaging and easy to use to the target audience.

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We’re very proud to have managed to create a fully functioning content SDK for this project, completely customisable as far as the UI goes by the client. Our team worked hard on making sure that the main functionalities are scalable and easy to adapt to any future changes. The solutions brought by us include the scanning and visual recognition feature of the products presented in-app, custom controls, Social Media integration, and Google Places API integration, to name a few.

  • Native App Development
  • Mobile UI/UX Design

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