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Wakie - the first social alarm clock

You want somebody to wake you up at a given time but nobody is around? You want to talk to random people around the world about their country, the craziest thing you did in your life, your love life or just practice English? Well, there is one app for all of that. And it’s totally crazy!


Wakie – The social alarm clock – is the mobile app where a total stranger can call you and wake you up. There’s a bit more, for instance you can ask questions, receive or give answers and wake up calls. The app is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, so there’s no limit in trying it out yourself.


App of the week - Wakie - Onboardin Screen - Tapptitude


Let’s start with on-boarding. This process is very simple and fast, getting you in no time at the heart of the app. After you enter your phone number, select your country and language, enter your age and gender you’re good to go (*you are only going to get conversations in the languages that you chose). In the first screen of the app you can already set an alarm for the morning at a designated time, a real live person who has signed up to be a waker gives you a call. It’s that simple.


But Wakie allows for something else, a lot funkier: to connect with random people. You can choose from a list of predefined topics and then get instantly matched with people from all around the world. When you are matched you have 10 minutes to discuss the topic and share your stories with each other. After the discussion you get an open chat with this person, but unfortunately you can’t call that person anymore.


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There is also a Community, like a forum where people post random thoughts and stories, and where you can get involved in the topics you like, interact with people, share visions and opinions on random stuff etc.

Wakie is really simple and smart, has an awesomely simple UI and the overall experience of using it is great too.

So, I totally advise you to give it a go: set your topics to request calls, be active in the community, answer calls and chat with people there!

BUT, there is one single and very important rule: Don’t ever be an a**hole to the people you interact with!


What’s HOT:

(be merry but modest: these are just some bits we found really interesting in this app)


  • Communicate without any barriers with anyone in the world, about all the subjects you can imagine

At any given time, you can start chatting with people from different continents and in different timezones. It’s really interesting how this mobile app connects people from all around the world, somehow like chatroulette from back in the days but in a much organized way and with suggestions of topics that could be ice breakers after which you can discuss whatever goes through your mind in the 10 minutes that you’ve got.


  • “Talk lobby” – Get a list of topics to get you started or create a custom one

If you are out of ideas and don’t know how to start the conversation, they got your back. In the “Request a call” tab, you can choose one of the 10 pre-set topics and you are good to go. You start on those topics and discuss some minutes and if both of you enjoyed the first part of the conversation, it will go smoothly by presenting each other and finding out more about each other.

  • Rating system to get the app clean from people joking around

The most common situation with these kind of apps is that a lot of pranksters come and start to have fun while other people are there just to have so qualitative discussions on their questions. Due to the rating system you can make sure that people that are not there for the purpose of the app get kicked out and can’t do their pranks so long.


  • Ask for a wake up call

Need to wake up after a long night? The app’s community can wake you up at any give time and make sure you are ready to do whatever you need to do next. “After the quick chat, I was more awake than I ever was.” said the guys from CNET about the social alarm app.

App of the week - Wakie - Searching for an interesting topic - Tapptitude

What’s NOT:

(don’t despair: they’re just things we could see done better in the mobile app)


  • It uses a lot of your data so it’s hard to have a good conversation with countries with bad internet

The app needs some heavy data transfer. If you are not using wireless prepare to spend a lot of data for the small talks inside the app. Talking to developing countries was much harder than western countries and you can understand why when you realize that the conversation has a 5 second delay.


  • You can’t call the same person after the conversation has ended – though you can exchange messages

If you enjoyed your conversation with a person and you want to continue or repeat the experience, you are in bad luck. You can’t make it longer than 10 minutes and can’t call back any other time. The only connection that you will have after is through messages that you can exchange and see how you get it forward from there.


What could be done better or different


Data usage for sure needs to be optimized inside the app. If you are not in the right place in the world it will be rather hard for you to enjoy the app at it’s best.

Also, what we would do to make it better would be adding more features and more filters so you can personalize your experience inside the app. Also the possibility to continue talking to the person you had a really good chat with, would be a great idea.

Using the rating system for that could be one idea. If both parts rated the conversation with 5 stars, there could be a matching that could enable you a feature of talking through phone with the same person again, helping you making friends all over the world and keep you connections alive with like minded people. While talking to people through the app we discovered that this is one of the features that all users seek and would like to have.


Conclusion: only time (and results) will tell


If you want to practice a language, improve your small talk, make friends all around the world, get a wake up call or simply have fun trying something new – Wakie is the app for you. Being available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone makes the app a really accessible so that everybody can enjoy at any moment.


(Note: We are not affiliated or endorsed by this app. We just really love mobile apps and we want to share them with the world and give people great mobile experiences)


Website: https://wakie.com/ 

Android App

iOS App

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WakieApp

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WakieApp



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