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How to know if you should build your app or move on to something else and save your cash and sanity

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Validation is about building your product idea right

When you decide to pursue a product idea, you’re not just deciding to build a business. You’re making a lifestyle decision where every incremental decision you make can build or crumble your startup’s success.

You might expect the product’s user flows, design, and coding to be what validates it. It’s easy and common to make this mistake. But it’s the market that validates your product, and you should validate with users as early as possible.

Why validate at all

Tap into real user feedback

How many founders have you seen ask: ‘would you use a product that did X?’ How many products implement features that make users unhappy? When founders set up false-positive tests of validation, it’s hard to see the real feedback users are telling you. There are better ways to validate the first time around.

See if there’s market need at scale

The top reason startups fail is that there’s no market need. Another 6 of the top 10 reasons startups fail can also be tied to product-market fit. That’s why customer understanding should be one of the main driving forces of your product from the start

It saves you time and money

While MVP development costs vary, estimates for a native consumer MVP start at 25,000£. The more you iterate on it, the more cost you accrue when you decide to pivot. Early validation saves time and budget and helps you make better business decisions in the long run.

This handbook is the shortcut you need towards validation

Everything you need to get started on validation is included in this handbook. From talking to potential users, to identifying your core audience and talking to investors, we’ve included advice and examples that will help you in your own journey.

Learn how to validate with potential users

    Learn how to validate with investors

      Learn how to have great conversations

        Learn how to draw conclusions

          Start your validation journey the right way.

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