The great Tapp Squad getaway of 2021

3 Min Read • Sep 2, 2021

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Erika Kramarik

Full-Stack Marketer

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After more than 18 months of a mix of remote work or restrictions or both, we’ve gotten used to seeing each other at the office in our project teams or off-hours for regular drinks and get-togethers.

We decided to enjoy the last leg of summer in one of Tapptitude’s memorable getaway teambuildings. Almost 50 members of the Tapp Squad left for Castelnor, Paltinis on the weekend of 27 – 29 August.

What does a Tapptitude teambuilding look like?

The best part of working at Tapptitude is having such a great team by your side. And this teambuilding was a great way to get to know all the new people that joined us during the pandemic, that we’ve mostly met on Slack.

Roxana Rad QA Lead

We’ve had one day full of teambuilding activities, facilitated by Ascendis. In the first part of the day, the team channelled The Incredible Machine (or Joseph’s Machines, for the YouTube folks). Divided into 5 smaller groups, we each built a small railway of 2m from only tape and sticks for a tennis ball. The team that had the fastest ball rolling won.

The second part of the day turned into a giant adapted Monopoly board game for 5 groups. But instead of the game being as easy as buying properties and moving around the board, the groups had to take on different challenges to gain money. The team with the best balance at the end of the day won.

The best part of the teambuilding was the whole atmosphere of getting together and rewinding, while also hanging out with all the colleagues I’ve worked or haven’t worked with. I like working in an environment of passionate and professional people. Aside from the extensive technical capability, these people have great taste in music and movies.

Victor Fullstack web developer

Takeaways for the #TappSquad

Beyond the organised activities, we enjoyed every evening at the spa and pool of the location, the great food and drinks and some excellent music set up by our colleague Cristi (what can we say, we’re a team of hidden talents 😊 ). All in all, we can happily call this a successful teambuilding where everyone had a great time.

A huge thank you for putting together this year’s team-building event. The facilitators did an amazing job with the activities, the team had loads of fun and lots of laughter plus, the location was fabulous. It made our team closer and we all appreciate it.

Adina V. QA Engineer

And we can’t wrap up here without a shout out to the amazing squad of organisers who made this event happen and who work tirelessly every day to make sure Tapptitude is a great place to work at.

This event was about the Tapp team and about the joy of spending valuable time with each other after a long period of pandemic limitations.

The team members have created an amazing atmosphere through the happiness of seeing each other or getting to know new colleagues, the good vibes and a lot of fun of the moment. And our colleagues continue to do so every day. And this makes Tapptitude such a wonderful place to meet with professionals and friends.

Oana Colța Team Happiness Manager

Our team is the kind of place where everyone gets support when they ask for it and need it, and our colleagues working on the projects can see a product through from start to finish. Every team member gets to contribute to the decisions that affect the products they work on, as well as share their opinions on the processes and workflows of Tapptitude as a whole. We pride ourselves on the flat hierarchy we maintain, and we work hard to make sure everyone knows they can reach out to every team member for a brain-picking session and to learn something new, beyond the day-to-day work tasks.

If Tapptitude sounds like the kind of place you’d love to work at, check out our open positions here. We’re looking to hire locally in Cluj-Napoca, but also remotely from all over Romania.

Erika Kramarik

Erika Kramarik

Full-Stack Marketer

Erika is a full-stack marketer passionate about the intersection between technology and social impact. She mixes research with content design and a human touch to help people and startups succeed in delivering value through their work. When not writing or talking to people, you’ll find her reading or quoting Hamilton for any life situation.

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