A fresh Tapptitude: Why we changed our logo and what it means for our business

6 Min Read • Apr 13, 2016

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Gabriel DOMBRI


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In the life of every team there comes a moment when you need to look closer at who you are or better who you’ve become and make that visible also for the others. That moment has come in Tapptitude for quite a few months and we’ve been busy updating our visual identity to reflect what our team is now and how our mobile development company is approaching many things today. If you paid a bit of attention lately, we became more colourful and more focused visually. This text should give you some clues why. So, read on to find the story of the old and new Tapptitude.

Old Tapptitude: from passion for mobile to outsourced mobile development

Tapptitude was founded by four young mobile engineers, two on iOS and 2 on Android, who happened to cross paths into their various projects and after working together ad-hoc on a few projects realised that they have the same passion for mobile and a common focus on building high quality and innovative mobile apps. Thus, tapptitude – mobile apps with attitude was born, as a mobile development company doing what a typical outsourcing company would do: provide mobile services for clients in the West.

It’s been two and a half years since that moment and much has happened. After over 35 mobile applications developed, for about 20 clients from all over the world (the majority of them from the US, Germany, the UK, Australia, France and Romania), a team that went from 4 in 2013 to a new office and 12 people at the beginning of 2015 and to 24 today. It’s been a wild ride at a speed that weirdly enough didn’t make us break (that many) things but clearly did make us see new perspectives and get some powerful new strengths in our mobile capabilities.

New Tapptitude: full-stack mobile products for daring innovators and entrepreneurs

Tapttitude started as a rather typical outsourcing mobile company, doing mobile development on iOS and Android, mostly for clients in the Western startup space.

But starting with the middle of 2015 we’ve been focusing on doing a bit more and tackling things a bit differently: all our internal efforts have been focused on creating mobile product capabilities, from one end to the other.

That is:

  • Training our team members, from mobile developers, to designers to the marketing team, to understand product development, how mobile products create a new type of user experience and how to look at the mobile technology as an enabler for solving real user problems
  • Introducing a new approach in delivering our solutions, where the focus is not on providing mobile services, but on creating the best solutions that can make a mobile project a possibly successful business. Such an approach means a new, deeper (and tougher) onboarding process for our leads and clients, where we do a rather detailed diagnoses of the entire business model, before committing to take their projects on board. For instance, before giving any projects estimates, in the majority of cases, we sit with the entrepreneurs coming to us in a full day paid Product Discovery Workshop at the end of which we’ve clarified a lot better what the product they want to build is and the product strategy become a lot more clear for both sides, also having the proper details on the technology implications of the product.
  • Launching a few internal initiatives that tackle mobile product understanding: Tapp & Show an internal event happening every other week in our office, where two people in our team present each of them a mobile app that they find really interesting. It’s an open discussion and debate oriented event, where we analyse that others do in mobile product, how and why they took certain decisions and what we can learn from that. After two such editions, we can say the event is really really interesting, fun and full of positive surprises.
  • Last year, Gabriel Dombri, after a few years doing marketing strategy and being heavily involved in the startup investment scene in London, decided to join us and help us build a stronger development infrastructure. His role in the team has evolved from exploring innovation and product initiatives as Entrepreneur in Residence, to creating a marketing department (focused on mobile and growth) and covering an array of solutions for our clients, on mobile business models and growth marketing solutions, as Head of Growth.

Old vs New Tapptitude Logo

Our old logo did a really great job for our beginnings, but the time has come to move on. It was grey, it wasn’t flashy nor inviting. Such lack of dynamism wasn’t speaking for the team. It had a great focus on the word “app” within “Tapptitude”, but now we about a lot more than just apps, we are mobile products.


We had to go for something a lot more dynamic, modern, colourful. We didn’t want to go too far from the old identity, as it definitely had potential. We added more focus on the ‘perfectionism’ (represented by the white dot) and also went for a more mature and solid typeface. We kept the essentials but we have to keep in touch with the current pace of technology evolution. We believe the new logo you can see below does that a lot better.

Rebranding-New Logo Tapptitude

New Logo Architecture: more focus and clarity

Some say it looks like a comet, some think it’s an egg, others say it’s a fingerprint. We like to think that it has the best characteristics of all the previously mentioned metaphors. Quick and colourful like a comet, full of potentiality like an egg, unique and personal like a fingerprint. And it speaks volumes about the new Tapptitude. Its components were carefully crafted to tell our present story and to start a journey into something wonderful. 

Rebranding - New Tapptitude Logo-Purple-Background


Structure based on geometric, rounded shapes leads to organisation and efficiency, while being well-rounded and complete in many ways. The 3 layered “fingerprint” gives depth to our symbol, and creates the movement so much needed in whole context of the brand. The industry is shifting, and so do we.

Tapptitude Animated Icon


We went for a sans-serif, geometric font which is solid, bold and mature enough to speak for our team. The lowercase “t” is not a coincidence. It “took one for the team” and stands for the equality and balance inside our crew.



Pink: Nice, playful, often associated with friendship.

Orange: Associated with sunshine. Joy, creativity & determination.

Purple: Combines the calmness and stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. Stands for creativity & magic.

White: While always striving to perfection, we added a drop of purity to highlight this aspect.

All the used colours (except white) have red in their composition. No doubt we’re very energetic and passionate about what we’re doing.

Rebranding - Tapptitude Colours

Our new visual identity was cooked up with the team from Design Delivery. Thank you, guys! 

Tapptitude is a mobile development agency specialised in building full-stack mobile apps on iOS and Android for startups and international brands innovating on mobile.

Gabriel DOMBRI

Gabriel DOMBRI


Business strategist with product focus. Digital Entrepreneur passionate about building tools that help others live better lives and helping committed founders de-risk their product investments and cross the valley of death with their startups. Product strategist & CEO here in Tapptitude.

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