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5 Min Read • Jun 8, 2016

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Sinziana Chitea

Content Marketer

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Tapptitude has experienced a lot of growth in the past year – a 100% growth to be more precise. What does this mean to a company? For starters, it means business is going well and there is a bigger bunch of cool people working under the same roof. And as awesome things might be going under said roof, it’s a good idea to change things up a bit from time to time.

Happy teams are the prettiest

We strive for immaculate work – cool mobile products that really make a difference in people’s lives. And let me tell you, building mobile apps with attitude is not an easy job. Hence we introduced a number of benefits to life at tapptitude, making our everyday even more appealing: team breakfasts, vitamin days, rooftop parties and all the must-haves of a relaxing environment to name a few. And as of this year, we decided two team buildings would go well in the mix.

Team building number one was a success, thanks to our colleague Simona, who planned the whole thing and she couldn’t have done it better. We had a lot of fun. And we thought: why not share our awesome experience with everyone else? So here you have it folks – our 5 essential steps for having a tremendously fun team building weekend:

1. Arrive in style

An hour long car ride is usually not something to look forward to, but it was in this case. It was a bumpy ride until we reached our destination – a village called Stana, located in Salaj, Romania – but as much as it was bumpy, it was fun. Once we got to see our home for the next couple of days, we all agreed that it was well worth it. Pensiunea Orgona is a beautiful bed-and-breakfast, spacious and wonderfully decorated, with a substantially big backyard. We made sure to use every inch of it for sporty activities. We made ourselves cozy right away: traditional romanian drinks and strawberries are a yummy way to start off the weekend, especially for little gourmet lovers as we are.


2. Games – connecting people

We at tapptitude like to keep things fun and creative. So we got the party going by engaging everyone in some fun board games. We put our drawing, explaining, mimicking and most of all, our guessing abilities to the test and played a few rounds of Activity. Any other guessing games you can think of will do the job just as well. Point is to get the entire team involved and for the team members to witness each other in a rather silly and funny manner – less of the office vibes everyone’s used to.

Tapptitude Teambuilding Games

3. Light it up and have a bonfire

If you find yourself in a beautiful outdoor setting like we did, make sure you have all the necessary tools for a bonfire at nightfall: some wood and good mood. When there was nothing more to see of the delightful sunset of the first night we spent over there, we got down to business and built ourselves a high and mighty bonfire. Just big enough for all of us to have a seat somewhere around it, in the grass, and keep ourselves warm. There were stories to tell and jokes to laugh at; we also did some stargazing. It was the perfect way to end the night.


4. Sporty activities

Well rested and well fed, we started our second day at full speed. We had a mighty breakfast to give us strength for the big challenge ahead: paintball. It was a first for most of us, which only made it more fun. And really people, there’s no better way of bonding than painting each other from head to toe, while running around in the woods.

We kept things entertaining and active by getting everyone involved in some sporty activities: football, badminton, ping-pong, have your pick. We even gave petanque a try. Being the ambitious bunch that we are, we took things a step further and organized a competition with cool prizes. We gave archery a shot and the more skilled of us won vouchers to spa’s or other adventurous activities.


5. Build a cart – tapptitude style

Besides companies treating their employees to a great time, team building activities are designed to improve interpersonal relationships. Chances are, there will be some sort of workshop on the menu, destined to improve teamwork and communication within the team members. Luckily for us, our colleague Simona picked out a really cool one. We were divided in teams of 4 people and we had to build a cart with only a few essentials on hand: 4 wooden tires, some wood sticks, a ball of rope and some tape. The cart had to be reliable enough to have a passenger on, and easy to maneuver for the two people pushing it to the finish line, as fast as possible. When teams manage to compete against each other in a friendly manner, you know you’ve done your job right. Without further ado, here’s what we came up with. Voilà!


After a sweet getaway like this, we’re ready for some mobile action!

Sinziana Chitea

Sinziana Chitea

Content Marketer

Content Marketing Specialist, teasing everyone into taking cute pictures for Instagram. Discovering the tech world bit by bit, and writing it all down on the agency's blog. Enthusiastic about everything visual. And sweets and dogs.

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