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To build a successful business around an app, it takes more than just app development and mobile design. You require a dedicated product team that not only creates a robust product but also guides its growth and helps you make informed tech decisions along the way.

We stand out by prioritising the creation of thriving digital businesses, not just coding products. Our focus extends beyond development to your entire business journey.

In our 10 years of building mobile apps, we’ve discovered that coding is the easy bit – building the right thing in the right way is what’s hard. We’ve specialised in the latter and empower entrepreneurs who want to build world-changing mobile products.

Think of us as your experienced product development squad.

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The Elements
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"After building over 100 mobile apps over the years, we know what works and what doesn’t. We also know that building a successful mobile product requires juggling three areas of constraint: product and tech requirements, your budget, and your deadlines. Over the years we’ve become really good at making all these three areas work together and have become recognised as a top product studio in Europe."

Element of App Development
Strategy and definition
Build your mobile development strategy around your target audience, business goals and value proposition.
Element of App Development
Creative touch
Our skilled design team will craft a modern and clean interface and ensure a frictionless user experience.
Element of App Development
End-to-end development
Our in-house development team will build your product from scratch, exclusively for you, as your own highly skilled squad.
Element of App Development
Tailored services
We’ll make sure you choose the best tech solution for your business needs, whether it’s native or cross-platform.
Element of App Development
Long-term assistance
We’ll make sure your app is up to date while leveraging cutting-edge technologies and capabilities.
Element of App Development
World-wide coverage
We can help you build and launch your product for multiple platforms, in multiple languages, to reach any target market.

Some Of Our Completed Projects

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You're In Great Company


ClutchSam Robinson

Sam Robinson

Co-Founder, BOND

"Tapptitude has been a critical partner in developing our platform, and we wouldn’t be where we are without their help."


ClutchAndrew Smith

Andrew Smith

CEO, OnTapp

"Tapptitude is a very good development agency. I’ve been delighted with the results and their adherence to our timeframe and budget. Looking at competitor products on the market, we’ve managed to produce something better in a shorter period of time."


G2Myles Munro

Myles Munro

Co-founder/ Board Member, Slite

"Highly knowledgeable and skilled. They added significant value from the early scoping phase through to development, testing and iteration. They are very thorough, diligent and timely."


G2Barry Livingston

Barry Livingston

CTO, Glorify

"Tapptitude has great people. They're smart, competent, professional, and easy to work with. In addition, they take their work seriously and are very responsive to requests. Solutions are generally good quality, especially in the mobile codebases."


Get To Know Our Mobile Development Team

Georgiana S.
Georgiana Daniela Stanciu
Android Developer
Doru C.
Doru Cojocaru
iOS Developer
Alex D.
Alex Dani
Flutter Developer
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