Mobile app development services

Here’s what we bring to the table in terms of mobile app development services.
Whatever you throw at us, you can expect us to do a thorough job.

Our specialty: mobile apps

We cover all the bits and pieces that go into developing
a top-notch, custom mobile app.

Mobile Product
& Market Strategy

There are two things we rely upon when coming up with a product strategy for an app. First, the many mobile projects we worked on have provided us with a deep understanding of how people and technology interact. Second, we work closely with our partners to grasp what their business targets are and how they can be fulfilled. Good communication is key.

Competitive analysis research

User Definition & Profiling

Performance Infrastructure: Analytics & KPIs

Product UVP & Mapping

Business Model advising


We design apps with the end-user in mind: we want them to experience a product that is intuitive and enjoyable. This means that our app designs are not only pixel perfect, but they’re perfectly tailored to your business’ image and the user’s needs. Every UI and UX decision works towards user satisfaction.


Interactive Prototypes

Mobile UI design

Identity & App Icons

Graphic assets for app stores

Native Mobile

We’re native speakers of Objective-C, Swift, Java and Agile Development. That’s why we’ve never had any difficulties understanding exactly what our partner’s ideas and goals were. Whether it’s an iOS or an Android app we’re working on, every line of code will be strategically planned to bring our clients closer to fulfilling their business objectives.

Project & Sprint planning

Information Architecture

iOS & Android App Development

API design & integrations

Backoffice & back-end solutions

Mobile App QA
& Testing

It’s our belief that a great idea deserves an equally great execution. That’s why our application QA testers work closely with our mobile app developers in order to ensure a smooth flow for every single feature of our clients’ mobile app.

Manual & Automated Testing

Crash Analytics

Usability testing

Quality Assurance

Ongoing Assistance

App development process

Having worked on more than 50 mobile projects, we have a very good understanding of what it takes to develop an app that truly works and engages.
Here’s what sets our app development process apart:

Product Discovery<br /> Workshop

Product Discovery

We came up with a mechanism to ensure our partners are totally prepared for the journey ahead.

Within the Product Discovery Workshop we fully define the mobile product to be built. It’s a scoping session, combined with product road-mapping, where we go into detail on every aspect of the app: UI/UX design, technological implications, and the overall business model setup.

These sessions provide direction, clarity and regulate expectations about the development of the client’s mobile project.

Mobile MVP

Mobile MVP

Obviously you know this: the hard (and sad) truth is that the original idea rarely survives its first contact with the users. Don’t let yourself fall in the typical startup trap: investing too many resources, for too long, in some app features your audience won’t be really using.

So what’s the alternative? It’s called a Mobile MVP and it’s what we advise all of our startup partners to begin with: a minimum viable mobile product to set the record straight on what needs to be built.

The Mobile MVP is all about the core features your app needs to have to fulfill its purpose. It’s a strip down of any other features except the basic ones, in order for you to get real, valuable user feedback. What it gives you is the fastest way into the market without spending all your money on a product that might need lots of iterations to hit that growth curve we all hope for.


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