Mobile App Development Services

Here’s what we bring to the table for your mobile product needs.
We do everything in house and in the last 5 years we've got quite a bit of expertise under our belt.

Our specialty: scalable mobile products

We cover all the bits and pieces needed to develop
a top-notch, innovative mobile product, from strategy, to design and coding all the product components.

Mobile App Development

To build native means to use all the capabilities of the mobile devices. It means not to compromise on experience you create for the user. And eventually means a solid foundation for scaling up and turning a mobile product into a real business. We use Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android, with a sheer focus on performance and clean code.

iOS Native App Development

Android Native App Development

React Native Cross Platform App Development

Product Architecture

Agile Project planning

Web Development

Web components are core parts of full stack mobile products. Our internal team can help you build Web Admins, Content Management Systems or small CRMS.

React Development

Vue.js Development

Angular Development

Backend Services

Our focus to build full-stack mobile products meant hiring experienced backend and web developers to complete the rest of the product team. And that paid up a lot, as now we can have integrated teams in house, covering all the components of your product, from front-end to back-end, from design to product management. And you don't really know what difference that makes in delivering projects in time and budget until you've done it.

API development using Node.js® or PHP

Database solutions using MongoDB or MySQL


Full API documentation

Hosting with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Heroku

UX & UI Design

We try to design products that solve specific needs for the users. That means understanding the users first and building empathy before anything else. Our UX & UI designs work closely with you to go from understanding the experiences we need to create for the users, to building the wireframes, prototyping and doing a remarkable user interface. The visible UI design is just the tip of a deep iceberg, where the real value sits.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Design explorations

Full UI design creation

Identity & App Icons

Graphic assets for app stores

Product Testing & QA

You know that saying: if you haven't found any bugs in your code, you haven't looked enough. Anyone who's got a bit of experience with software development knows that bugs are part of the code and testing & debugging are part of the development process. On all the projects we start, we allocate a fair amount of testing resources, to make sure the delivered products are solid. From the first builds to the product release, our testing team makes sure that bugs are discovered, errors are spotted and the entire product works as planned.

Manual & Automated Testing

Crash Analytics

Usability testing

De-bugging and Error correction

Ongoing Assistance

Product Definition and Strategy

Think of us like your senior product team you never thought you could afford. We're a bunch of strategists, UX designers, coders and product managers who bring hands on expertise based on years and years of experience in building, launching and growing mobile products. We always focus on the value for the user your product needs to create and the risks that your MVP needs to mitigate. We work lean and push for real data instead of guesses.

Product Definition

User Definition & Profiling

Performance Infrastructure: Analytics & KPIs

Product Value Mapping

Business Modeling

App development process

Having worked on more than 60 mobile projects, we have a very good understanding of what it takes to develop an app that truly works and engages.
Here’s what sets our app development process apart:

Product Discovery<br /> Workshop

Product Discovery

We came up with a mechanism to ensure our partners are totally prepared for the journey ahead.

Within the Product Discovery Workshop we fully define the mobile product to be built. It’s a scoping session, combined with product road-mapping, where we go into detail on every aspect of the app: UI/UX design, technological implications, and the overall business model setup.

These sessions provide direction, clarity and regulate expectations about the development of the client’s mobile project.

Mobile MVP

Mobile MVP

Obviously you know this: the hard (and sad) truth is that the original idea rarely survives its first contact with the users. Don’t let yourself fall in the typical startup trap: investing too many resources, for too long, in some app features your audience won’t be really using.

So what’s the alternative? It’s called a Mobile MVP and it’s what we advise all of our startup partners to begin with: a minimum viable mobile product to set the record straight on what needs to be built.

The Mobile MVP is all about the core features your app needs to have to fulfill its purpose. It’s a strip down of any other features except the basic ones, in order for you to get real, valuable user feedback. What it gives you is the fastest way into the market without spending all your money on a product that might need lots of iterations to hit that growth curve we all hope for.


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