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About is the biggest real estate adverts portal in Romania, reaching 1 million unique visitors a month. Their success has not gone unnoticed: in the spring of 2016 they’ve been bought by the Swiss Ringier group, a well-known player in the Romanian online market.

Our role in the project involved building the mobile apps on iOS and Android, thus opening a new market area for the already highly used web platform. We’ve built the two native apps keeping in mind that they should streamline and simplify the complex process of property renting and buying-selling. The apps needed to handle a large amount of data, while in the same time bringing real value in terms of convenience for the users.

The Challenge

The managing partners at contacted us in early 2014 looking for a product building studio to develop an Android app. Our teams began working closely together to establish the right concept for the app. An iOS app development and launch followed closely after the launch of the Android version.

The greatest challenges we’ve encountered in developing the two native mobile apps were in the areas of property search and listings, seamless map display and enabling each property to clearly show its potential by providing a great UI.

Working on the mobile products to this day, the challenges shifted towards scalability and efficiency, keeping the parity between iOS, Android, as well as deciding which web platform features end up in the mobile version.

The Solution

We started a thorough process of analyzing and understanding user behaviour on the web platform, that resulted in a list of priorities in terms of functionality for the user.

As usual, we moved on to mapping user flows and creating a first draft of mockups and screen designs, in oder to give us clarity and a better decision-making background. Though having all of this valuable information, we eventually had to approach every app screen from scratch in terms of UI and UX, always focusing on the main benefit the mobile area can provide for the user.

We’ve built the app in a manner that’ll give the user on the go access to all of the 100.000 listings on the portal, quick searching capabilities and the ability to contact the real estate agencies, private sellers and renters right within the app.

Design System

Main Colors

Secondary Colors

Font Family

User Interface Components

Mobile App UI

Onboarding’s app has a two-part onboarding process. The first part covers the user’s real estate goal: looking for a place to rent, to buy, or owning a place to let, or sell. The next screens allow the user to filter location, property type, price, and number of rooms.

The second part of the onboarding process is addressed to users who need an extra hand in understanding how the app’s search, filtering and notifications features work.

Real Estate Ads

Users can browse real estate adverts on the app that offer the basic information in the preview. This includes:

  • a photo of the property
  • the location
  • the closest public transport and how far away it is
  • the number of rooms
  • the floor plan
  • the available space
  • the pricing of the property

Both real estate agencies and users can upload adverts on the platform.

Search for a property’s app stands out through its detailed filtering capabilities. Users can look up properties based on their goal, the location, type, number of rooms, price range, available space, or specific keywords (e.g. pet-friendly).

Results can be sorted based on relevance, date added, or ascending or descending price. The user can also view the search results on a map, so better filter their options.

Ad Details

A real estate decision involves many factors for a user, and a property description reflects that.

The description starts with media assets (photos, video, 360 photos), as well as the key descriptors:

  • the year the property was built
  • property size
  • no. of kitchens
  • no. bathrooms
  • no. of bedrooms
  • etc.

The property owner can also include a description and a short list of facilities that are relevant to the property (types of utilities, parking place, luxuries).

The user can choose to share the property with their contact, look up similar properties based on this one or through the property owner, or report a problem identified in the description or if they’ve visited the place.

Save ads and searches

Users can save relevant ads to return to them and shortlist a good property manually, or they can save a search to get notifications on new properties that fit their search criterias.

Add an ad

Real estate agents and property owners can add adverts for homes in their portfolio that they want to sell or rent out. It’s worth keeping in mind that all the media and information available in the property description is content the user will have to upload as they create the ad.


Users can reach out to property owners or real estate agents in order to ask questions about a specific home or schedule a visit.

One feature through which the messaging of stands out is that each messaging preview has the property attached to it as a small snippet. This way, it’s easier for the user to keep track of their progress.


Users set up their own profile in order to personalise their product experience. Saved adverts, browsing history, product subscription details, as well as notifications settings are all available in the user’s profile.



  • Swift & Objective-C
  • MVC
  • Alamofire & AFNetworking
  • CoreData


  • Java & Kotlin
  • MVP
  • RxJava
  • Retrofit
  • OkHttp
  • Realm

Client Testimonial

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The people over at Tapptitude are professionals. They’re full of energy and enthusiasm for what they do and they do it well. They’re the ones you want taking action if you’re looking for collaborators on a mobile project. What can I say? It’s all good up until now… and it sure has been a while.

Ciprian Gheran | Co-founder @ Imobiliare

The Team

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