Holcim Safetyvision

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) documents, status & training management application

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Project overview

Safety Vision helps professionals of Holcim companies to manage important aspects regarding safety related to production and maintenance operations.

There are exhaustive records about production locations, plants & spaces and also based on precise information about involved collaborators (companies and employees). Based on detailed options (where, who, when) there are registered & tracked complex systems of misconduct and consequences regarding safety reglementations.


$100k - $250k



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The Challenge

Create an integrated solution that allows employees of various access permission levels to use Safetytyvision as a process management app.

The industrial focus of the implementation required meticulous attention to technical terms and processes during the development of the business domain. To accommodate the extensive standardized requirements of the process, a substantial settings section was constructed to manage large lists of locations, objects, action types, and other reusable data. The application prioritized supporting predefined patterns and procedures over generating trends, requiring a strategic usage flow to achieve its objectives. Subsequently, the project expanded to establish an access control infrastructure for production plants/sites, involving planning and implementing equipment and software solutions for access management. Additionally, to meet the industry's training emphasis, a system for training management and session planning was seamlessly integrated with existing structures of companies, partners, and contractors.

Here’s what we did

We approached the implementation keeping attention to few key aspects: the specific technical terminology, the long-term development and maintenance.


The Safety Vision app is an extensive application managing various sets of data and procedures related to industrial operations and safety.

Managing predefined structures

Large lists of locations, types, groups and subgroups up to companies and services.

Companies & Human resources

Detailed profiles for internal staff and external collaborators and contractors

Operations and safety

Precise documentation on operations, safety procedures, and personnel responsibilities.

Misconduct & Consequences

Managers can report and track any applied consequence for misconducts

Employee training and preparation

Any entity that is to be involved into any process, takes training and preparations.

Control access

Access granted through access cards, managed and displayed as processed data.


Statistics and reports as required by the management.

Live tracking of contractors activity in the field

Planning and tracking specific activities of contractors in particular locations.

Design System

Being a production process management, the focus was efficiency and consistency.

The opted solution was a UI library that allowed flexibility and consistency along the development process.

The opted solution was a UI library that allowed flexibility and consistency along the development process.


Web & Backend

jQuery Mysql Php (Laravel)


Third party

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