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5 Min Read • Apr 28, 2016

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Sinziana Chitea

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Always craving for some healthy recipes or some delicious vegetarian food? We found this super cool iOS only app for foodies, called Veggie Weekend. This free (but with in-app purchases) iOS app gives you access to over 100 fresh and exciting recipes from Palak Tofu to Sesame Creme Brûlée, just to begin with.

App of the week- Veggie Weekend- Recipes

The app features fresh and delicious recipes from all corners of the world for both vegetarians and vegans. Once you open the app, Veggie Weekend welcomes you with a gorgeous UI that focuses on beautiful food photography designed to convince you to try out at least a recipe. We just want to warn you, you’ll end up hungry the moment you open the app. And if this app doesn’t make you cook, I don’t know what will!


Although the free iOS app features lots of tasty recipes, for some of them you will have to pay. In the beginning you get only 18 recipes for free but you can buy many others for as little as 1 Euro per an entire category. So, expect to pay to truly get the most from Veggie Weekend, but do expect a tasty introduction in the form of the free version.

PS: They have a bundle of all recipes that is 50% off for 4 euros which is a great deal.
After opening your recipe, it’s really straightforward. If you are not cooking right now, you can add it to favorites to view it later more easily or share it with your friends. If you got your cooking arsenal ready, you have the list of ingredients on the right (that you can access with a simple swipe), some essential information about the food you are about to cook and every step you need to make in order to eat the delicious meal. It’s simplicious *simply-delicious*.


What’s HOT:

(be merry but modest: these are just some bits we found really interesting in this app)

The app comes with some great features that are present in all of the publisher’s green recipe apps:

  • Complete nutrition data for all recipes
  • Retina-quality, mouthwatering photos
  • Clever egg timer – just tap any cooking time in the recipe to start the timer
  • All recipes in the app – no Internet connection required

All of them try to give you a better in-app experience and make your cooking process a pleasant and easy one.

App-of-the-week-Veggie Weekend-Timer Option

Another beautiful job done by the app publisher is the brilliant design which makes the app convenient to use. The app works on multiple Apple products so that you can access it from your iPhone, iPad or iWatch.

Also, if you found the tastiest recipe that you want to make for your dinner but discovered that you don’t have all the ingredients, there is no problem. You can set up a shopping list inside the app connecting it with Apple Reminders which makes everything easier.

What’s NOT:

(don’t despair: they’re just things we could see done better in the mobile app)

Talking about not-hot’s about the app it’s kind of hard. The fact that you have to buy recipes after the free ones it’s kind of normal taking into consideration that Filibaba, the app’s publisher is a mobile business and they need to make money in a way or another.

Instead we thought to check out different apps that offer recipes and see what do they do better.

The first app is Kitchen stories. What they do better is that they offer guidance through the cooking process with images and really good how to videos. You can also adjust the ingredients quantity with an in-app calculator depending on how many servings you want and after you can easily add it to your shopping list with those quantities.


You can check out the kitchen stories app here

Handpick got our attention because they offer you the possibility to select what you already have home or different ingredients that you want to eat and they give you a recipe based on that. Another good thing about this app is that they are available both on iOS and Android and the app has a lot more recipes that you can adapt to any diet, cuisine, budget, and occasion.


Conclusion and some ideas on what could be done better or different

In our opinion the app icon should be the first thing that needs a bit of a change. It doesn’t really have the same quality as the app’s interface and it’s a real pity. It seemed to have been a rush decision to go with an image you can find at the top of a google image search for lemons. And the risk is on the branding side but with implications on user traction: a weak app icon could lead to less downloads, as users might not trust the company behind and not get a clear differentiation.

Other than that, there is space for improving some features or adding something like ingredients based recipe, quantity calculator depending on servings you want and so on but all in all, Veggie Weekend is a great app and this is why it made to our weekly app of the week.

Sinziana Chitea

Sinziana Chitea

Content Marketer

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