Tapptitude at OPEN for TALENT 2016

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Article by Sinziana Chitea
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Guests at tapptitude - Open for Talent - first edition

On the rainy day of 23rd of March, our office at Tapptitude was wide open and welcomed 7 young and talented tech students from Cluj-Napoca as we were part of OPEN for TALENT 2016 event. 

But what was OPEN for TALENTOPEN for TALENT was an open door-type event, organised by the team at GROWTH MARKETING Academy, that brought together 9 technology companies with offices in Cluj-Napoca, who opened their offices to over 70 students in IT and Marketing from the local universities. Tapptitude was proud to be part of this project along with other cool IT companies like EBS, Gameloft, Yonder and others.

The event targeted mostly students who are about to finish their uni studies and look to get their first job in a tech company.

During the visit at Tapptitude, we were eager to show them some cool projects were we working on, how awesome our team was and especially how they could join our team as junior mobile developers and be part of our mission to build amazing mobile apps and innovate on mobile.


During their visit they got to check out some of the projects that we are working on right now, saw some of them that we already finished, and we are really proud of, and got to hang around our full of attitude team close to their comfort zone, in the office.

Our colleague Laurentiu (Head on Android) even prepared a quick and fun quiz, with useful info on mobile technologies, while Lucian, our Delivery Manager, made a quick demo of one of our soon-to-be launched mobile products. 


All in all, it was a great event for us that helped us get closer to a part of the talented students that are out there. Just FIY, we are constantly looking for full of attitude and talented people to be part of our mobile team. If you know somebody that suits the profile and knows some Android and iOS, lead them to explore our jobs on mobile

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