Our client Imobiliare.ro joins the Ringier family and gets an international focus

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Ringier buys Imobiliare.ro in the biggest transaction involving web platforms in Romania this year

We are very proud of our long time client Imobiliare.ro and their amazing team for making the news last week with the best exit this year so far in Romania: they’ve been bought by the Swiss Ringier group that also acquired in Romania eJobs.ro, Libertatea tabloid title and the Romanian edition of ELLE, thus consolidating their presence on the Romanian Internet market.

Marc Walder, CEO Ringier AG commented this move:

“The Imobiliare.ro acquisition is a further step in our endeavor systematically to transform and digitalize our business in all the markets we serve, including Eastern Europe. Thanks to this transaction, Ringier now not only owns the number one recruitment portal in Romania but has also secured the country’s largest online real-estate platform.

According to the articles published by a few media outlets, the sum of this transaction was in the area of €21M plus another possible €10M in the next years if certain performance indicators will be reached.


Adrian Erimescu, the current CEO, declared:

“I am very glad Imobiliare.ro, an online project we started 16 years ago in Timisoara, is now part of one of the largest media groups in Europe. […] I am also convinced that the transaction will help us provide better service to our users and to transform Imobiliare.ro into a truly world-class real estate portal”.

Imobiliarea.ro is the undisputed leader in the Romanian real estate market with over 1M unique visitors on their portal and Tapptitude has been the mobile development partners since 2014, helping Imobiliare develop their iOS and Android mobile apps. The project was founded in 2000 by Adrian Erimescu, Gotz Kurt, Laurențiu Andrei and Ciprian Gheran.


Imobiliare.ro’s mobile apps: what Tapptitude build

Our collaboration with the Imobiliare started in 2014 and we’ve helped the company build its mobile presence by launching both an iOS and Android app. These two mobile apps ensure access to an important mobile market which in 2014 cumulated over 8 million smartphones and 62% of the adult population accessing the web from their phones.


From the start of Tapptitude’s collaboration with Imobiliare.ro, we knew that we are dealing with a great team of perfectionists which in a way helped us be more enthusiastic about the whole project. The greatest challenge in developing the mobile apps were in the areas like properties search &  listings, seamless display on map and making each property clearly show its potential by providing a great UI.

The web portal, with all its backend capabilities, empowers a great deal of the real estate market in Romania, in a very efficient double sided market, for both property renting and and selling-buying.

Starting from the web platform, on mobile, we had to make all those capabilities really work for the mobile users and add even more simplicity and effectiveness in find the most suitable real estate property for the final user. The mobile apps give users access on the go to all those over 100.000 listings on the portal, quick search and the ability to contact the real estate agencies and private seller and renters within the app.

During this collaboration, we covered the following areas:


What’s next for Imobiliare & Tapptitude

The current transaction only makes things more interesting on the mobile side and we are ready to support Imobiliare.ro on their way to the top. As the strongest player in the real estate market in Romania, it is highly relevant to consolidate a position on the international real estate market.

Read the entire case study about how we build the Imobiliare apps or get into a conversation with us about your own mobile project. 

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