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5 Min Read • Apr 26, 2016

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Sinziana Chitea

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About unforgettable memories with a personal touch

Ever wanted to get the perfect magnet to remember your holiday or give it as a gift to somebody you love? Well, now you can, with our newest app we’ve just launched in the App Store. It’s called Magnet Goose and let us brag: it’s totally goosome! 😀
It’s the second app we launched last week, but you’ll find out about the other one in due time. For now, let’s concentrate on these flying magnets and tell you why you should use this cool new app!

Where it all started

We at tapptitude believe deeply  that our lives should be easy, nice and with as little stress as possible. And since we started our mobile development studio we’ve focused on making technology something that solves issues in our everyday lives and a tool to cover needs and give us clear, undeniable benefits and proven value. Having our mobile phones so close to use every moment, it’s only logical that such a device should be empowered to help us, to make stuff for us and provide advantages.
Magnet Goose started from a need to be able to create visual memories on the go, anywhere you are, using your phone camera and transforming those photos visible as beautiful objects. And what spot in one’s house is better for that than the good-old fridge?


So, what is Magnet Goose?

Magnet Goose is a single-purpose mobile app that makes you an artist and gives you magnetic wings. It works like this: you choose any photo you’ve got on your phone (or take one right away) and send it as a beautiful, high-quality fridge magnet to anyone you want, even to yourself, anywhere in the world. And all this for only $4.99 a piece, with free shipping. You read it correctly: it’s free shipping anywhere in the world.

How to Create Memories from Your Photos

We want to make sure that people’s memories from their holidays and other events in their lives are visible and not buried under piles and piles of noise and forgetfulness. A printed magnet ensures this because most of the times it’s placed in visible places like on a fridge and is constantly looked at, day by day. It can also be stored really easily and with the high quality print of the magnets, it lasts for long times.

This way we ensure that you and your family or friends will remember all your beautiful moments and looking at the magnets will bring you joy and happiness, ultimately this being our goal with these beautiful magnets.


The mobile app: art at your finger taps 

Magnet Goose was born to help you turn your photos into beautiful magnets with just a few taps on your mobile phone and send them to your friends or foes or family or just whoever you like or love or just feel-the-need-to-surprise-a-bit-with-something-cool. Whether you want to decorate your home or remind your friends and family how much you love them (or how fun you’ve had or how funny you look), the iOS mobile app lets you create a special kind of art in seconds. 

The mobile app is free and it’s available for now on iOS (if you’d really want to get your hands first on the Android app, let us know here). The product has worldwide shipping and has high quality print to get the maximum out of your perfect fridge magnets.
During the process of developing this mobile product, we constantly sought to make the app as simple us possible and we think we succeeded in this. Hopefully, when you give it a try, you’ll find out that we really succeeded. 

Your Magnet’s flow


Place the order

Placing the order inside the app is really simple. You enter the magnet creation process or come back to your drafts, add a text if you want, introduce your delivery and payment details and you are ready to go. Everything is done in seconds.


We process the order

Our goosey team is ready all the time to get your order, send it to the printing solution and get it ready as fast as you say Goose-Goose. They make sure that the print is high quality and that your memory is in really good shape.


Ship it

Nothing complicated until here and we continue like this. Out Goose-Delivery Team is ready all the time to take your order and get it to your final destination wherever in the world it is. Gooses fly harder over oceans though, but they get there in time.

When you could use it

It’s really a lot you could do while having Magnet Goose on your iPhone. You could use it in that special holiday with your friends or frame that moment when you proposed to your loved one. If your little girl just turned 5 or you got a newborn baby, Magnet Goose is there to help keep that memory for a lifetime. From now on, every memory you want can be transformed into a beautiful magnet so you make sure you don’t ever forget them.


Get your Magnet Goose and create something special

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Sinziana Chitea

Sinziana Chitea

Content Marketer

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