GoodFirms Q&A With Tapptitude CEO Gabriel Dombri

4 Min Read • May 21, 2020

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Erika Kramarik

Full-Stack Marketer

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Our CEO Gabriel Dombri recently sat down for an interview with GoodFirms on what it takes to design user-friendly and user-centric mobile apps for clients. We’re going to offer some context and background for those of you who found our company through GoodFirms, and dwell into some of the things that were discussed in the interview. 

How it all began

Specialized in creating high-quality iOS and Android mobile apps for startups and brands alike, Tapptitude was established in Romania in 2013. Our team of skilled app developers and app designers is spread all across Europe, but works together towards a common goal – to improve users’ lives by creating innovative and useful mobile apps.  

Tapptitude provides full-stack mobile app development services to businesses and entrepreneurs looking to innovate on mobile. We cover every step in the product life cycle, including product strategy, UI/UX app design, native development on iOS and Android, back-end and API services, as well as testing and go-to-market solutions. Check out Tapptitude’s GoodFirms profile for more details into what we do. 

CEO Gabriel Dombri on the company’s journey

Our CEO, Gabriel Dombri, was recently interviewed by the GoodFirms team. In the interview, he proudly described how Tapptitude ‘got from a small development team of 10 people to a proper product squad of over 50.’ 

He revealed that what inspired him to start the business was the desire to deliver great products to smart and ambitious entrepreneurs who embark on a mission to solve problems related to their respective industry. The trick is that Tapptitude ‘only works with an internal team, as the expertise, close collaboration within the team, and ongoing learning are key in what the company does for startups,’ explained Gabriel. 

Our CEO also told GoodFirms that Tapptitude team members are involved and immersed into every stage of a customer’s mobile project. The internal team of agile thinkers consists of specialists in every field of the mobile application life cycle. Our developers are able to translate the market and user data into practical strategies that bring clients closer to their business goals. 

The development process at Tapptitude centers around a user-centric mobile app design theory that guides our every creative move. The app design department is specialized in decoding the needs of the user by making well-informed UI and UX decisions. Our developers produce high-quality iOS and Android mobile apps from one end to the other, collaborating and communicating with the client each step of the way. 

The engineering is based on agile development methodologies, ensuring efficient and effective collaboration, which places Tapptitude amongst the top mobile app development companies in Romania at GoodFirms. 

Check out a review of Tapptitude submitted to the GoodFirms website: 

A GoodFirms Tapptitude review. It reads: "The perfect extension of our team. Reviewed 1 month ago (April 20, 2020) by Daniel Spijker Role: Founder NearMint, Senior PM at Discogs Inc. In his words: "I have had the pleasure to work with Tapptitude from inception to execution, launch and currently scaling phase of our platform, and I couldn't recommend them enough. They provided great strategic and technical consultancy to get started, we then kicked off with a design sprint and from there started working on the actual coding of the platform. Throughout this process the Tapptitude felt like the extension of our own team with constant communication, stable team composition and a deep investment in understanding our business and industry, Over the past 2 years we have slowly increased the team size with them and we have not lost speed nor quality while growing and scaling. I have worked with other agencies that really felt like outsourcing in the past and was specifically looking for a partner that didn't, while of course delivering high quality code and project management. Tapptitude more than delivered on all of that."

Why our strategy works

Having intuitive, engaging, and scalable apps is a must for any company that aims to design products that solve specific needs of the users. That means understanding the users first and building empathy before anything else. 

Our UX/UI team works closely with the client to go from understanding the expertise that is needed to create for the users, to building the wireframes, prototyping, and producing a remarkable user interface. Tapptitude app designers and developers work alongside businesses and entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals and requirements. The team is well-equipped with a wide range of tools and technologies to design well-performing apps for different platforms and different markets. All these things have placed Tapptitude onto the list of leading mobile app design companies in the UK at GoodFirms. 

The aspects covered above are part of the conversation our CEO Gabriel Dombri had with the team at GoodFirms. You can check out the full interview on their website. 

About GoodFirms

Washington, D.C.-based GoodFirms is a maverick B2B research and reviews firm that tracks the top mobile development and app-designing companies that deliver unparalleled services to their clients. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs.

Erika Kramarik

Erika Kramarik

Full-Stack Marketer

Erika is a full-stack marketer passionate about the intersection between technology and social impact. She mixes research with content design and a human touch to help people and startups succeed in delivering value through their work. When not writing or talking to people, you’ll find her reading or quoting Hamilton for any life situation.

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