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tapptitude is your app development dreams coming true! Let's tell you why: We are a team of mobile specialists who understand startup challenges and know how to help startups build scalable mobile apps. With dozens of apps built for startups in Silicon Valley, New York, Paris, London and Melbourne, we've got quite a bit of expertise in doing app development for startups and you can benefit from all that experience.

App development we did for startups


Multi-million user base GIF keyboard app that allows users to choose from millions of emotionally tagged GIFs. Users can text, tweet or email them straight from their keyboards.


On-demand laundry & dry-cleaning service in New York, managed straight from the phone, allowing the user full control over the order - with minimum effort and maximum speed.

Customer Profiling App

Native mobile app giving retailers a great tool to better understand their customers, while allowing their customers to find the perfect drink on the go.


A map-based mobile app that allows users to exchange images of locations or objects, while using the battery in a fairly efficient way.


Smart calendar & AI-based assistant. The app's AI abilities make this calendar app an effective and unique organizing mobile tool, empowering the user to save time and make it more meaningful.

Each of these startups came to us with a unique idea. Together we created a powerful mobile product - a powerful statement in a business’s portfolio.

What’s your awesome idea?

Product Discovery

Product Discovery<br />

How well defined is the product you want to build? If you haven’t covered the entire user flow yet, if you’re somewhat undecided on every single action the user can make within the app, you most likely need a bit of help figuring all of this out.

After dozens of apps and hundreds of client requests to quote mobile projects, we came up with a process to fully define the product that has to be built. It’s a combination of a scoping session and product road-mapping, going into rather deep details on every aspect of the product: from UI and UX, to the technology implications, to the overall business model setup. 

These sessions provide direction, clarity and regulate expectations about the development of your mobile project.


Mobile MVP

Mobile MVP

Obviously you know this: the hard (and sad) truth is that the original idea rarely survives its first contact with the users. Don’t let yourself fall in the typical startup trap: investing too many resources, for too long, in some app features your audience won’t be really using.

So what’s the alternative? It’s called a Mobile MVP and it’s what we advise all of our startup partners to begin with: a minimum viable mobile product to set the record straight on what needs to be built.

The Mobile MVP is all about the core features your app needs to have to fulfill its purpose. It’s a strip down of any other features except the basic ones, in order for you to get real, valuable user feedback. What it gives you is the fastest way into the market without spending all your money on a product that might need lots of iterations to hit that growth curve we all hope for.

Mobile Services
for Startups

Mobile Product Strategy

We understand the startup world and what it entails: we live in it. We know the challenges and the focus a startup team needs in order to grow into a sustainable business. For the past three years, our focus was building a strong team to deliver full-stack mobile solutions, helping ambitious founders create amazing mobile products. And Product Strategy gives structure and direction.

UX & UI Design

An app built by tapptitude is more than pretty screens. There is a lot of research & creativity that goes into the final mobile product. Be it UX testing, wireframing, design brainstorming or UI exploration sessions - we take it all very seriously. Our goal: designing the mobile products we work on in an appealing and engaging manner, that users will just love.

Native Mobile Development on iOS & Android

Be it for iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, or connected devices like wearables, smart TVs, homes and smart cars - you name it, we can build an app for that.Our development team works with the latest coding languages and frameworks, bringing you scalable native apps on both iOS and Android.

Mobile Testing & QA

Proper testing and premium QA are indispensable components of our work technique. Our custom testing methodology involves tapping, swiping, pushing - and a bit of magic. Every screen will be tapped and every app flow will be tested until we can be sure that the mobile app we built for you is top notch.

Go-to Market Strategy

From clever app design elements to catchy copywriting, our inhouse marketing team covers all the creative bits of your app's launch. Our growth team works closely with the startup partners in order to create efficient launch strategies, User Acquisition plans and everything else related to successful User Engagement and Retention.

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