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With the SmartDreamers mobile app, there’s no more gap between the candidate applying for a job and the company offering one. This Android recruitment app helps both parties take a vital step towards each other: talk.

The user can browse for a job using specific filters, get all the necessary info on the company, apply to a job straight from within the job’s description, and always have their CV handy, uploaded on the app. What’s more, they can start a chat with a company’s HR representative – all within the app.

Smart Dreamers - Share the job with your friends, save it for later, or simply apply


We’ve developed the SmartDreamers mobile app to be a useful product: valuable info and various possibilities packed within a simple and straightforward user flow.

We also focused on a seamless integration of the chat feature – the main attraction of the app, with everything else this job-hunting app has to offer.

“Right after we closed our first round of Venture Capital Investment, our number 1 priority was to develop the SmartDreamers Mobile App, to further simplify the connection between candidates and companies. For the app's development, we needed a solid partner that could bring both quality and speed to the table. The tapptitude team was able to deliver.“

Adrian Cernat | CEO SmartDreamers
Smart Dreamers - Apply rapidly to any job you like and get in tocuh with the company


SmartDreamers’ chat feature is what makes the app a complete mobile solution for anyone looking for a job. While taking some of the edge off, it’s a smart and fast way to engage in a relevant discussion for both sides. The candidate can message the HR representative of the company they’re interested in, while the HR representative can just as well start a direct conversation with the candidates that best fit the job.

In order to ensure a smooth job search, we decided on push notifications and social media integration as well. The app has a minimalist, clean design. Being active on the job market has never been easier.

  • Mobile Product Strategy
  • UX and UI Design
  • Native App Development

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