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4 Min Read • Jun 16, 2016

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Sinziana Chitea

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Hey you. Yeah, you – you a big football fan? If you are, then we have just the thing for you: the official UEFA Euro 2016 mobile app. Although it’s probably every true football fan’s wish to spend every waking hour in front of the flat screen, cheering for the favorite team, the truth is we can’t. This is where this app comes in handy. Did we mention it’s totally free? And it’s available for both iOS and Android.

How can the official UEFA Euro 2016 mobile app make your day?

The app is straight up your number one information source when it comes to the UEFA Euro 2016 Championship, which is really anyone is and will be talking about in the near future. Up ‘till July 11th, this app will get you the scoop on everything football related. The latest news, videos, real time scores, previews of the different games and features on all teams – you name it, it’s all there.

tapptitude app of the week official uefa euro 2016 mobile app Getting started in the mobile app is really no big deal. All you have to do is install it and you’re good to go – meaning the app hits you up with a news feed of the latest happenings. You can either select your favorite team and player from the very beginning, or you can do this later on in the Settings tab, under Profile.

tapptitude app of the week official uefa euro 2016 mobile app

After this you’re free to navigate the app as you wish. You’ll gain access to a full set of info on all the matches, latest news and videos, up to date tables on all the groups, you’ll be able to explore all there is to know about the involved teams and players, and it doesn’t stop here. You’ll be provided with info on ticketing, the hosting cities and something called the Fanzone – we’ll let you discover this one on your own.


What’s hot?

Pick your favorites, playa’

If you’re the kind of football fan that also has a favorite team (as if there were any other kind of football fan, but for argument’s sake), feel free to pick it out – the official UEFA Euro 2016 mobile app will keep you posted on everything your favorite team is up to, including every piece of info you could need about the team and its players. Or you could just as well pick out some players you’d like to keep an eye on. We picked out 4, but you can go bigger.

Notifications on Euro 2016

As much as we love football and as excited as we are about the whole thing, we can’t really give up on everything else in our lives for the sake of UEFA Euro 2016. It’s probably what the creators had in mind when they cleverly set up the mobile app to send us notifications on the highlights of the event. Notifications are easily turned on or off in the initial setup. If you’ve picked out a favorite team, you can also choose what news to be notified about in the Settings tab, under Notifications.

tapptitude app of the week official uefa euro 2016 mobile app

Match info, at your service

The information this mobile app offers you on every one of the matches, past or present, is as accurate as it gets. The chances of you wishing for more are slim. There’s a match feed, line-ups, performance statistics for both teams and general match info (like location, weather, attending referees and so on).

What’s not?

In app advertisements

They’re usually not something to look forward to, but we have to say, they did a good job integrating them in the news feed. Advertisements have a nice, slim format and clever placement – they don’t really get in the way that much.

Bottom line

This neat mobile app will provide you with everything you could want to know about the UEFA Euro 2016 Championship. Not only will you have the scoop on the whole story, but it’ll save you some asking around or googlin’ away when you’re out at work or wherever – you’ll be the first to know what’s going on.

(Note: We are not affiliated or endorsed by this app. We just really love mobile apps and we want to share them with the world and give people great mobile experiences)


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Sinziana Chitea

Sinziana Chitea

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