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5 Min Read • Jun 2, 2016

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Sinziana Chitea

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Momondo is designed to be your dear travel buddy, inasmuch that it’ll take care of your basic travelling needs: your flight and your accommodation. It’s available for both iOS and Android and it’s free. Let this cool app free you from your typical worries when planning out a trip. It’s a fast and easy way to search and compare flights and hotels. And it does not stop here: you can also book from within the app.

How can Momondo help you? 

Swiping left and right will quickly get you through the big menu: your profile, flights and hotels. We recommend setting up your account. Selecting your flight preferences (number of passengers, ticket class etc.) beforehand will make your future searches a whole lot easier. The sorting option is the best one – it defines which search results should be highlighted. Are you looking for the cheapest flight, the quickest one or are you hoping for the best of both worlds? Same goes for hotels.

Momondo-Easy Flight Search

Searching for a flight is as easy as can be. All you have to do is select the usual bits of info required by a flight (airports, how many passengers, ticket class etc.). Hit the search button and you’ll be served with a bunch of options suitable for you. Make sure you take a look at the filtering options available on the bottom of the screen – the remaining options will be a lot closer to what you’re looking for. You can make your decision either by ticket pricing and flight duration  or a specific timetable, if time of arrival or departure is of higher significance to you.

Hotel Booking in Momondo-tapptitudes-app-of-the-week

Searching for a hotel is just as simple. Just select your accommodation requirements (travel dates, number of people and rooms) and you’re good to go. You probably have an idea of how much you’re willing to spend on accommodation or what kind of amenities are a must to you, so go ahead and filter the results to your liking. Another really cool thing are the ratings; they’ll definitely help you choose what’s right for you.

Creating your own Momondo profile will not only save your entire search history and all of your favorite flights and hotels, it’ll also sync them across all of your devices. This way you can search on a device and book on another – ain’t that cool?


What’s hot?

Eyecatching UI

The app’s design is pretty and colorful – every girl’s dream. Just kidding, it’s everyone’s dream: an app with a simple, yet appealing look, that’ll make the stressful task of searching for flights and hotels a simple and fun thing to do.

Tailored to your needs

Not only can you set up your own profile for a more accurate result page, but you can and should take advantage of the filtering options the app has to offer, for both flight and accommodation searches. We also like the cool quick sorting tab – an easy way to get an overview of what the highlights of your search are.

Easy booking

Directly from the app. That’s right folks: if you find a flight or a hotel accommodation you like, go ahead and book it directly from the app. It’ll guide you to the website dealing with the acquisition itself and you’re done.

What’s not?

Interactive Price Calendar

It’s a great feature of the app: it’s supposed to give you an idea of what average prices of airline tickets you might encounter, for different dates. This way you could adjust your flight accordingly. The only problem is that it’s not working (or at least it didn’t for us).

Fare alerts

This is not that much of a con, it could however be an inconvenient sometimes. Fare alerts, which are supposed to alert you of price changes for the flights you are interested in, can only be created from the website. They can, however, be seen and removed within the app.

Bottom line

It’s a great app. It won’t take up much of your time or effort to get the hang of it. It would,  however, be hard to let it go once you see the perks of it. Whatever you want your next trip to be and look like, you’ll get all of the suitable options in one place: the Momondo mobile app. Organizing your vacay will be a breeze, as it should be.


(Note: We are not affiliated or endorsed by this app. We just really love mobile apps and we want to share them with the world and give people great mobile experiences)


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Sinziana Chitea

Sinziana Chitea

Content Marketer

Content Marketing Specialist, teasing everyone into taking cute pictures for Instagram. Discovering the tech world bit by bit, and writing it all down on the agency's blog. Enthusiastic about everything visual. And sweets and dogs.

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