Idea Validation Field Guide

Article by Erika Kramarik
Full-Stack Marketer

For the go: The user validation checklist

If you go through these series of exercises, you’ll have a better understanding of the problem you want to build a product for, from the perspective of the user.

It may look like daunting, painstaking work, and we won’t lie to you: at times, it is. But it can also be fun, and insightful, and it can motivate you to build a better product because you will know who you’re building for.

Here at Tapptitude, we’re big fans of checklists, so we made you one for the go with all the validation exercises you’ve got to walk through for a rewarding (in)validation process. Download the available wallpapers for your mobile or desktop device (or both!).


The idea validation checklist

  1. Write your interview structure
  2. Interview 7-15 people from your audience
  3. Analyse and draw conclusions
  4. Create a survey to test hypotheses
  5. Do a competitor deepdive


What happens if I change my product concept?

First, well done on paying attention to what your audience was telling you.
Remember, if you pivot your idea, you’ll need to go through the validation process again. Follow-up or re-do the exercises as needed.

It’s ok to build your new product concept on the insights you have and to dig in on any gaps you may feel you still have.

But it’s also ok to decide you want to move to a completely different space, if you see no potential from your validation process.