You might have noticed them in the bestseller lists on Amazon, on the shelves in bookstores near you and, quite probably, in your friends’ backpack. Coloring books for adults are all hype these days – apparently it’s a really good way to de-stress, by involving both logic and creativity.

And this is where Colorfy comes in: it’s a really cool and easy-to-use coloring book app (for adults and kids alike), for iOS and Android, that’ll rock your artistic world.

Do you see yourself acquiring a bunch of art supplies and schlepping them around all day long for the one moment when you have the luxury of catering to your meditation and artistic needs? Probably not. That’s why you should give this app a try.

Are you stressed out? Coloring some shapes might get you relaxed.

For your first time using it, you’ll be provided with an intro-drawing, already half done, just so you can get the feel of what the app’s all about. Simply fill in the drawing however you want to – feel free to use any of the 72 colors available to you, any way you’d like. There are some basic colors, a free daily palette you can even vote for and two color collections named “autumn” and “chill mood”. Cute, right? Drawing collections range from florals to cats (and the rest of the animals too), message templates (you can even create your own!), mandalas (wouldn’t be a drawing app without ‘em) and much more. There is no lack of variety with this app, but mind you, there’s a lot more if you’re willing to pay $11.72/month or $58.68/year.


The app features an inspiration feed as well, much like your Instagram feed: you have the option of liking the drawings and commenting on them as well. Double-tap the picture to heart it – sounds familiar, right? You can easily share your works with your friends, either on social media or in private messages. It’s up to you.


What’s hot? 

Great UI

The app is really clean looking and easy to use: high quality, simple and modern, mostly grey toned interface to amplify the importance of your artistic work and to make it easier for you to envision what you want to do. It’s your chance to deconnect and create – take it!

Awesome filters to add to your work of art

App-of-the-Week-Colorfy-Share-your-picture--add-filtersRemember how we told you there would be some similarities to Instagram? It’s the best parts of Instagram actually: if you feel like sharing your drawing with the world, you have the option to add some filters to it before doing so. Adjustments to the lines inside your drawing and seven types of “texture filters”, ranging from brick (yeah, brick!) to leather, jeans, paper and even wool, will definitely take your drawing to the next level.


Create your own drawing

App-of-the-Week-Colorfy-Make-your-coloring-imageWe left the best part for last: you can create your own drawing! Yep, that’s right – draw whatever you want on a piece of paper, take a picture of it using the in-app camera feature and start coloring. It’s that easy; and really fun.



What’s not?

No way of shading your colors

72 colors to choose from sounds like a lot and you’ll probably think we’re crazy for saying this, but the color range is somewhat limited. You’ll find a pretty blue and you’ll wish you could turn it a shade darker, or lighter, or greener, or whatever. There’s no way of doing that – you’ll just have to make do with the colors on hand. Unless you’re willing to pay for the “500+ images, mandalas and colors”. Then you’ll probably never have to wish for another color again.

A little too pricy

About that: Colorfy Plus, the app’s paid version, is a tad pricy. On the other hand, you can have a do over with the drawings available to you, as many a time as you want to. If the price really doesn’t do it for you, you could give another similar app a try. We found Colorfly to be a good alternative: it’s totally free, easy to use, with pretty designs and a bunch of colors.   

Could we get a color picker?

Not as much of a con as it is something that could come in handy: a color picker. The app does remember the last three colors you have used when coloring and you can go back and forth between them easily. But if you’re using more than three colors you might have a hard time remembering which colors you’ve used a few strokes ago.


Bottom line

Colorfy is a nice and engaging coloring app. Its high quality templates and looks overall, user-friendly UI, not to mention the great variety of both drawings and colors make it stand out. It’s easy to see why it got voted Editor’s Choice.


(Note: We are not affiliated or endorsed by this app. We just really love mobile apps and we want to share them with the world and give people great mobile experiences)



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