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6 Min Read • May 5, 2016

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Sinziana Chitea

Content Marketer

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Nowadays, when you read about technology, for sure you’ll end up at a given moment to read about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. And this is no surprise. Startups and companies are tackling issues with VR and AR and most of the innovation is coming from that direction.

To differentiate them is really simple. Virtual Reality creates a totally artificial environment in which the user interacts with the setup while Augmented Reality integrates digital informations in our living environment. Basically, Augmented Reality overlays information on top of what we see in real time.  

The technology is used in many industries from healthcare to public safety, from gas or oil to tourism and marketing. But we think that the most interesting is how it impacts the mobile world. That’s why, in this week’s App of the Week we will talk about Augmented Reality Apps, more exactly about Augment, which helps you drive sales for your products by integrating them in real world, real time, real size.

View & share your 3D tapptitude-app of the week- models in Augmented Reality, on iPad, iPhone and Android-

Augment is an Augmented Reality App which lets you experience public 3D model in categories like Packaging, Interior Design, Vehicles, Electronics, Architecture and much more. What is great about this mobile app is that it let’s you even upload your own 3D model which you can than see on any screen where the app was installed. This is a more complicated feature but you have the possibility to do this through the app.

App-of-the-Week-Augment-Mobile Augmented Reality

The app is designed for companies that sell products but the possibilities are limitless. Augment’s target is not necessary the end users but rather sellers for whom such tools can be helpful to increase their conversion rate.

The mobile app is free for both iOS and Android so feel free to test it. You’ll need some practice until you place 3D objects the right way so that you can also move around them. 


After you open the app, you will be able to choose between exploring 3D Models, scan qr codes that will load models for you or log in if you have a user and you want to post your 3D Models.

After you hit Explore, you can already see the 3D objects that you can add to your reality. Augment also gives you a tutorial when you first place an object.

You can move the 3D models around, turn them around how you want, place them on a tracker and walk around them and even add multiple objects to your reality.


What’s HOT:

Check out some bits we found really interesting in this app.

One of the first apps that let’s you explore Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality subject is really hot right now alongside Virtual Reality. Nevertheless, It’s really hard to experience it. Augment makes it possible when the market just starts to emerge and in times when it’s still unclear how it will grow.

As a retailer, you can showcase your products in a cool and innovative way

We were in a moment when ecommerce didn’t really innovated for a while. Now, with Augment’s possibility to upload 3D models into the app, ecommerce can revitalize and online retailers can try new ways to foster revenue through Augmented Reality.


Objects in multiple categories to let you explore

Because the market is new, it’s really cool how Augment already gives everybody the possibility to explore through their phones amazing 3D models from animated spiders to the Millennium Falcon or different houses or planets. There are 15 categories to choose from, all of them having lots of objects to explore.

What’s NOT:

Here are some of the things that are just done better in a mobile app.

Products design and personalization

Some products 3D version could be much better quality. And most importantly about personalization. If you are a retailer you would like to give buyers the chance to try different colors for their furniture for example. On their website they say that trying different colors is possible, although, on mobile we didn’t manage to find any 3D model that could be personalized. Let us know if you found something.

Later edit: The guys from Augment let us know that personalization is possible through out your mobile app as well. They offered us this model that you can scan with the app and give the sofa the color you like the most.

Check it out –

Object positioning on tracker

Don’t get us wrong, it’s great that the app uses trackers and you can position multiple objects in the same room, in different places, to see how it will look. But there is a glitch whenever you move your phone around and the app doesn’t recognises the tracker correctly which however is still in place showing perfectly on screen.

Background switch

In app you also have the possibility to choose different static backgrounds over your camera. This is great if you want to place random objects in Paris or random stores but after choosing a different background, you’ll have to close the app to get back to your camera (this happened to us over and over on our iPhone 5).


Bottom line

It’s a great tool for retailers out there. Just think, for ecommerce, sellers could add an Augment button next to their products and buyers could experience it through their phones and decide to buy or not.

Even for salespersons, going into meetings with an entire product collection in your pocket to showcase it to the potential buyers could grow your businesses revenue for sure.

And after all, the app is great when we take into consideration the current market of Augmented Reality. When you use it the first time, it drops your jaw and for sure it will do the same for your potential clients if you use it in selling purposes. Clearly it needs improvement in terms of the features and the product catalogue but the app has great potential.

We are looking forward to see it’s evolution and how Augmented Reality will emerge.

Note: We are not affiliated or endorsed by this app. We just really love mobile apps and we want to share them with the world and give people great mobile experiences.

Sinziana Chitea

Sinziana Chitea

Content Marketer

Content Marketing Specialist, teasing everyone into taking cute pictures for Instagram. Discovering the tech world bit by bit, and writing it all down on the agency's blog. Enthusiastic about everything visual. And sweets and dogs.

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