Whether you’re a startup taking your first steps into the business world or a brand expanding your portfolio, picking the right mobile development agency to help you do so will define the outcome.

Being a full-stack mobile development studio ourselves, we’ve rounded up the 7 most important checkpoints that our clients have taken into consideration before knocking on our door.

1. Who is the agency?

Getting to know a future partner as good as possible is always a smart business move, regardless of domain. Picking out the right agency to help you develop a mobile app is no exception.

Don’t ask an agency representative to come on over to your office – you be the one to go exploring, for at least a couple of the first meetings. This way you’ll see the environment the people of said digital agency are working in. Is it nice, is it comfy, would you be happy working there yourself? You can tell a lot about people by the way they maintain their surroundings.

Meet the people that will be working on your mobile product. Have a chat with them, see what they’re like. Pay close attention to what they’re saying verbally, as well as non-verbally. Would you hire them? Would you enjoy working with them? Of course, appearances can be deceiving, but it’s a start and it’s all you have at first. Use it wisely.

Look at how the agency presents itself starting with their website, the way they communicate with you on the phone or in emails, to the way any marketing materials are put together. Analyse their tone of voice, how heavy they go on colors and how they write. How friendly or formal are they on a scale of 1 to 10? Do everything in your power to get a good sense of what their agency character is like.

Who is Tapptitude?

We are a mobile partner for funded startups and international brands looking to innovate on mobile. And this isn’t just a sentence that we thought sounded best (though we did take the sounding-right part into consideration, of course). It sums up the way we work.

We partner up with the people we’re working with, giving our projects our best and guidance to entrepreneurs putting their trust in us. We don’t code absent-mindedly. We want the ideas that cross our path to make a difference in the world, for the better. We know that being tech-savvy is not enough – being passionate about your work is what makes the difference.

And you’re always welcome to come visit. We have a beautiful view over Cluj-Napoca – the heart of Transylvania – and a bunch of bean bags, so we can make ourselves comfy while discussing the future of mobile.


2. Reputation

Do your homework, boss. The agency you’re looking into surely has a portfolio available on their website. You could even kindly ask for some contact info of past clients of theirs. The important thing to remember is that you’re not digging for dirt here. What you need to know is details on how they work.

What other projects did they work on and how did they handle them? It’s both a way of knowing what capabilities the agency has, as well as how they implement those capabilities. Past clients will either confirm or “re-assess” the agency’s pitch, it’s that simple.

Apps with attitude by Tapptitude

We have worked on a variety of mobile projects. From an app for the most important music streaming service nationwide, to an app for the biggest real estate adverts portal in Romania, to partnering up with TEDx, we can proudly affirm that we love a challenge. And it would be our pleasure to tell you the story of each and every one of the apps we’ve worked on.

3. Core capabilities

And since you’re checking out the website and their portfolio, take a good look at the core capabilities the agency has. What do they feel they’re best at? If they’re smart, they’ll stick to the capabilities they actually have.

Make a list of what you need and look at what the agency is offering. If the two align, then you might have found a good match. Have a sit-down or more in order to establish that both you and the digital agency are going into this wholeheartedly and that neither of you has puzzling expectations.

As we’ve already mentioned, you should check their past projects. It’s important to assess if the agency is capable of understanding the precise challenges you and your business have. If they don’t, working together would be a waste of time for both parties.


We build apps – fully

Tapptitude is a product-focused mobile development studio, specialized in building high-quality native mobile apps on iOS and Android. We deliver full-stack mobile solutions for funded startups and international brands looking to grow their businesses and innovate on mobile.

What does this mean to you as a client? That you’ll bring us an idea and that we will take that idea and grow it out into an efficient mobile product. We’ll code it really well, we’ll wrap it up in a nice design and we’ll make sure that your product reaches the right people. Tapptitude will help you grow.

4. What does working on your app actually entail for the agency?

Remember us advising you to visit the agency and get to know the people that will do the work? We still stand by that.

Not only will you see that the office actually exists, but you could learn something about the developers level of expertise, for example. Are they senior or junior developers? It might not matter to you, but you should be aware of this detail regardless. Same goes for the designers, marketers or project managers working on the project.

Same goes for the app’s development process.  A respectable agency should be able to tell you mid-project if they’ll be able to deliver on time or not; and if not, why exactly that happened. There should be a development process, as visible to you as it is to the agency, in order to keep track of what is being done and when. For you, it’s also a glimpse into the level of quality of the agency’s work.

Working with tapptitude

We are a full-stack mobile development studio. We are equipped to deliver to our clients an integrated set of mobile development solutions – product scoping sessions, mobile product development, UI/UX design, strategic business setup and marketing activities. We don’t subcontract our work, but do it ourselves, in house.

Working with us entails a very first product discovery workshop, where we’ll discuss the client’s idea in the smallest details: product specifications, the needs it’s supposed to resolve for the target audience and how it’s supposed to evolve on the market.

5. Openness and malleability

Transparency is key. Both you and the development agency should communicate openly. It is important for the agency to understand exactly what you’re asking for – just as important as it is for you to understand how the agency’s working.

You should exchange designs, documents and code freely, as well as discuss every one of these as in depth as it takes for the two parties to be on the same page. If the agency wishes to protect itself, this is something that should be done contractually, and signed upon agreement.

The agency should also be able to adapt to your specific situation and needs. This again is something you should assess clearly: what it is you’re asking for and what is the agency able to deliver?

Product discovery & coffee

On a scale of 1 to 10, we’re as friendly as it gets. Communicating openly is something we value within our company as well, so there is no way we would act differently with any of our clients.

We do this thing called a product discovery session with our clients, where we have a nice day-long sit down and talk things through. We’ll discuss everything product- and business-related regarding the mobile product the client has in mind and the business plan around it. It’s not only a great way for the client to know exactly what he’s going into business wise, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to see if we’re working well together. By the way, coffee & snacks on us.

6. Real experts have arguments

At the end of the day, you’re hiring a mobile development agency for its expertise in this domain. There’s no reason for you not to follow their lead when it comes to the development of your mobile product, is there?

If you’ve done your homework on the agency and you’re confident with the decision made, you should keep that in mind. The people working on your app have its best interest at heart: they want to see the app strive just as much as you do, since it is a clear statement of their capabilities and professionalism.

Clearly state what it is you’re after with the app – what is its purpose? Ask the developers for clear arguments for their decisions and really take their advice into consideration.

Tapp & speak your mind

We are a team of professionals, be it in the mobile development, the design or the marketing department. We take our jobs seriously and always have the client’s best interest in mind. That being said, we warmly advise any entrepreneur out there working with an agency (of any kind for that matter) to speak up.

As a client, make sure you always voice your concerns, ask questions if anything is unclear to you, if there are certain deadlines you need to meet and so on. As an agency, our sole purpose is to deliver results as promised.


7. You’ll get what you put in – including money

Quality versus quantity is one of the world’s oldest tales. At least when it comes to anything commerce related.

Moneywise, you should do your research before hand. Know what it is you’re asking for (the type of app for example, is it a web app or a native one?) and an estimate of what that entails financially.

Otherwise, you should keep in mind that it takes two to tango. The level of communication and openness you expect from the agency, you should be able to deliver yourself. If you ever feel like having one more sit down discussing the app, propose one. If you ever feel like working next to these people for a day or two, do it. Your involvement will set the tone.

We want to grow

We strive for immaculate work every time. As a result, we expect nothing less from our clients. We like doing business with people eager to learn and grow themselves and their businesses.

Bottom line

Go through every one of these points and lay down a thorough description of the agency you’re looking to hire. The right choice will single itself out easily, trust us.



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