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Take a look at some of the iOS and Android apps we developed since 2013.
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Your Unique Personal Assistant Can’t Wait To Meet You

IoT ReactNative UK

Olly is the first home robot with an evolving personality that adapts to each individual. Designed to do more than just respond to commands, Olly’s advanced machine learning technology proactively assists you with your day-to-day routine by remembering your habits.

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Drive smarter with the Hudly head-up display

Automotive iOS & Android USA

The mobile applications are linked with Hudly's heads-up display by a wireless connection, allowing you to choose what to show on the display. This gives you a safe and comfortable way to access vital driving info without taking your eyes off the road.

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Capture and process aerial photos to a 3D model

iOS IoT Romania

3D flight planner for DJI drones, made for professional surveyors to collect aerial imagery following basic photogrammetric airborne survey rules.

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Buy, sell or rent properties all across Romania, straight from your phone.

iOS & Android Real-Estate Romania

User-facing mobile app for the biggest real estate portal in Romania. Buying, selling and renting properties, are all available within this mobile app.

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Start-to-end app development agency

This mobile app development agency is all in.
We provide app design and app development services for every stage of your mobile project.

Product and
Market Strategy

Our team of agile thinkers is made up of specialists in every area of the mobile application lifecycle. We’re able to translate the market and user data into effective strategies that bring you closer to your business goals.


We’ve got a user-centered mobile app design philosophy that guides our every creative move. Our app design department is specialized in decoding the user’s wants and needs, making for well-informed UI and UX decisions.

Native App

We develop high-quality iOS apps and Android mobile applications, and we do it well. Our apps are intuitive, engaging and scalable, while our engineering is based on agile development methodologies to ensure an efficient and effective collaboration.

QA and

We'll be tapping, swiping and pushing until every last bug is fixed. We'll make sure that your mobile app is in top shape for its app store launch and that it will make good on its promise.

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Our mission: design and develop exceptional apps, delight users with handy mobile products, and help our clients grow.
We have the know-how, the energy, and the drive.

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