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Ever find yourself in need of giving a structure to your thoughts? This is more of a rhetoric question. If you’ve ever had to plan a trip, write a speech, take notes in class, write a grocery list, capture an idea, the answer is definitely “yes”. How about something to make the entire planning process more colorful, more easy to work with? Mindly is the answer to our neat-freak prayers – the free mobile app is suitable for both iOS and Android and will get you organized in no time.

Mind(ly) mapping is the new organizing

Mindly presents itself in a rather minimalistic manner and is accordingly simple and easy to use. You can get started with your first map right away, just type in the bubble whatever subject lays heavy on your mind. For instance, we’re having our first Tapptitude rooftop party today, so we gave the Mindly app a shot at helping us organize the whole thing.

So what are a rooftop party must-haves? First you’ll need to have your guest list straight in order to know how much of food and drinks you’ll need. Then you’ll have to buy said food and drinks. Hiring a bartender and DJ will enable everyone to enjoy the party, not having to worry about the music or preparing drinks. You might also want to decorate the place a little – and since we’re talking decorations, go ahead and add a picture of the party place. It’ll come in handy, trust us. We also added a birthday cake to our list, since we are celebrating some of our dear colleagues today.

tapptitude App of the Week is Mindly - the mind mapping mobile iOS and Android app

And voilà! This is what our map looks like – it’s nice and colorful and very helpful.


What’s hot?

Simple & colorful UI

The app has a modern and smooth design, grey-ish mostly – you’re the one adding bits of colors by creating maps. Elements are very easy to create and customizable; the resulting maps are nice to look at and of big help.


If just adding a title to the element won’t do it for you, you can always attach a note to the element. This way, if say you have a cheesecake recipe mapped out in your Mindly app, you’ll add a note to your element called “cheese”, mentioning there’s a special kind of cheese you have to get. Customize your elements to your liking.

tapptitude App of the Week Mindly - the mind mapping iOS and Android app

Take pictures

Let’s stick to the cheesecake recipe – maybe adding a note explaining what kind of cheese you have to get won’t be enough. So go ahead and add a picture to your element. It can be a picture you take on the spot, or it can be a picture you already have saved in your gallery. This is one feature we love!

What’s not?

Maximum of three elements

There’s a maximum of three maps you can have in the free version of the app – which is a bummer, but it’s not the end of the world. You can either keep only your most important maps at hand, or you can upgrade to the full version for €6,99. It’ll give you an unlimited amount of elements, more exporting options and two cool extra features that’ll take your mapping game to the next level: search and passcode.

No order of the elements

You’re free to add as many elements as you want to your map – however, there is no way you can arrange them in a precise order. The app will just throw the elements around in the given circle. If you really need an order though, you can always add numbers the elements as you please.

Erasing elements

If you wish to erase just one element from your entire map, forget about it – it’s a no go. Which is too bad if you’re working with a bigger map, where you constantly add or remove something.


Bottom line

This mobile app is one cool thing: it’ll help you get organized in a colourful and clear manner. Stop scribbling your thoughts on pieces of paper you’ll then misplace or throw out by accident. Take the easy way out and use this modern-day version of planning to your benefit.

(Note: We are not affiliated or endorsed by this app. We just really love mobile apps and we want to share them with the world and give people great mobile experiences)

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