Ontapp & Tapptitude win at App Developer Awards 2021

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Article by Erika Kramarik
Full-Stack Marketer

When we started our collaboration with Andrew Smith for Ontapp in early 2020, we didn’t yet know our roadmap would include not only building a game-changing product for venues but also that we’d end up doing the work as the world was shifting irreversibly by a pandemic. Ontapp is an in-venue order management product for hospitality businesses. Both easy to use for customers and employees and beautifully engineered to work leanly, Ontapp creates smoother workflows in any restaurant, bar or cafe it is implemented in.

It makes it even more meaningful to know that today, over 75,000 people are using Ontapp when they go out to enjoy a fun evening. And our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

Because Ontapp & Tapptitude have won Best Food / Restaurant App Development Project at App Developer Awards 2021.

We are delighted to win the award for the Best Food/Restaurant App development project. The team have worked really hard to get the app to this point and we will continue to build and improve with each iteration of the app. This award provides us with some recognition of what we have achieved so far and we look forward to hopefully winning many more.

Andrew Smith CEO at Ontapp

We want to congratulate everyone who has worked on making Ontapp the product that it is today. This success is proof that our dedication to helping our clients find the best solution and get validation and results with the least amount of risks is worth the time and effort.

The entire team did a very good job on the project and managed to release a product that helped businesses get through a difficult period. The experience that Andrew has in this field helped us build a solution that is loved by the owners, employees and customers of venues. I’m thankful for being part of this team and proud of the work that we did and continue doing with each iteration of the app.

Paul Țirban Product Manager of Ontapp at Tapptitude.

Founders take on a huge risk when they decide to build a product and our role, as a product partner for our clients, is to help them validate their value hypothesis, and then continue to validate or invalidate something, no matter what that something is, with each new release. And this is a process we keep repeating with each product version, and with every client, in order to help them build great products and scalable businesses in the long run.

We look forward to seeing the new heights Ontapp will reach in the future and we’ll continue our partnership with the same dedication.

And if you’re looking for a committed product building studio that can support you in the journey to design, build, launch and scale a dedicated product studio, we’re excited to hear about your product concept.

Erika Kramarik Full-Stack Marketer

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