Idea Validation Field Guide

Article by Erika Kramarik
Full-Stack Marketer

User validation – Why should you do it?

The exercises in this section will help you validate the problem and audience profile you’ve identified. They will walk you through the process of:

  • Setting up the interview structure depending on your research goals
  • Finding people to talk to and keeping track of your conversations
  • Drawing conclusions from your interviews 

Expect each exercise to make sense even if you’ve never done any kind of product research or have no tech background of any kind. All you need is an open mind, a willingness to sit down and talk to people, and patience when the work gets a bit nit-picky.

To make matters even simpler, each exercise comes in the same structure:

  • What you need – any decisions, previous exercises you should have completed, or resources you should have at hand
  • What to do – which explains step by step and with examples and available templates what you have to achieve
  • While you work – what to pay special attention to while you’re working, in order to not leave out any important information.

This process will give you insights from the user perspective and gives you qualitative data.