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Increase your chances of building a sustainable business in the PropTech
with a full product team to help you build your product, launch it and scale it.

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How can a Product Partner help?

A solid partner to help you build and grow your startup product, with a dedicated product team.


It’s like in those solid relationships: you take care of what you know best – the product vision, the business model, the user acquisition, and we come along and take care of what needs to be done on the product side, so that your startup can escape the predictable early death and stand a change of becoming a sustainable business that really grows.

Our core focus as product partners is to help you build the best possible product for each stage of its existence, taking into account your resources for product validation, go to market and time to new funds.


Build Smarter - Idea, MVP, Market Test, Learn, Repeat.


We always work from a risk management perspective, trying to maximise opportunities, by building smaller products first, validating hypotheses, reiterating fast and learning a lot from direct user feedback.

Our Product Managers are not just used to applying Lean methodologies, but they have years of experience in taking startup products and moving them through the Lean cycle, having seen hundreds of cases of what worked and what didn’t.


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  • product strategy advise
  • wireframing and prototyping
  • full development
  • product management

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PropTech Products We've Recently Built

Mobile products and PropTech go hand in hand since more and more users start their research while in mobility. Working on a a variety of cool products, from cross-platforms websites to double-sided marketplaces, we know how to create awesome user experiences that help those products grow.


Buy, sell or rent properties all across Romania, straight from your phone.

iOS & Android Real-Estate Romania

User-facing mobile app for the biggest real estate portal in Romania. Buying, selling and renting properties, are all available within this mobile app.

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You get a full stack product team

Business and Product strategy

Have a digital entrepreneur, with solid startup experience, mentor, advise or be your decision partner in the complicated path from an idea to a scaled startup.

UX & UI Design

A senior design team to help you take UX decisions and implement a great experience for your users.

Mobile, Backend and Web Developement

A stable team of experienced developers, to implement all the components of the product, in a predictable and effective manner.

Product Testing

A team of testers are always part of a successful product team, making sure the design flows make sense and the functionality works.

Product Management

A Product Manager takes care of the product planning, the Scrum ceremonies and makes sure the team understands what it needs to deliver and does that in time, budget and quality.

Smart Data, Machine Learning and AI

Building scalable products today means that you need smart data layers, from Machine Leaning frameworks to proper Artificial Intelligence engines.

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