Product Discovery

We'll define the mobile product you want to build, on iOS or Android (or both): specifications and features, user flows and scenarios, along with all of the technology implications these bring. It'll be a great help to both you as an entrepreneur, as well as to the development team you'll be working with on this project. The Product Discovery Workshop for Mobile brings a high level of detailed planning into discussion, enabling you to accurately estimate how long it'll take and what it'll cost you to build this app.

How it works

Face-to-face (ideally) or video conference workshop sessions
At least 6 hours (a full day recommended) full of discovery exercises
1-4 client-side participants & 2-3 tapptitude participants
Decisions regarding features, user flows, UI & tech implications
Continue working with us or chose another team to wrap up the project

Your input

Brief Provide us with all the details of your project
Preparation Know the market and a little about the competition
Availability Allocate 1 or 2 days for the workshop
Budget €960 for a full workshop day

Who's involved

1 You

Your team: the Founders, Product Manager, Designers, Project Lead, CTO or whoever else you want in.

2 Tapptitude

A Senior Tech Lead & a Senior Business Strategist. We’re glad to throw in a Designer into the mix as well.

You need it if

  • You plan to build an innovative and complex mobile product

  • You have an idea but not the final detailed tech & design specs

  • You wish to map all the user flows in your mobile app

  • You want to prioritize the features and integrations for your app

  • You aren't clear on things like the business model, positioning, monetizing options etc.

  • You need a clear budget & time estimate for development

What you get



Together we’ll create the product map: user flows, number of screens, interactions, integrations, technical specs and design criteria.



A Product Discovery Workshop results in you knowing exactly what product you want to build, what market it’s for and how you’ll make a difference.



We’re thinking detailed specs for the features set, keeping user stories in mind. They are the real start for any development estimate.

Tools we work with

  • Lean Canvas for business modelling

  • Value Proposition Canvas for positioning, UVPs & user definition

  • User Success Flow for user definition & profiling

  • User Stories for product mapping & feature definition

  • Swot Matrix for competitive analysis

  • Strategy Matrix for differentiation