Tapptitude ranks in the top 20% on the Clutch Top 1000 Companies List

5 Min Read • Dec 11, 2019

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Erika Kramarik

Full-Stack Marketer

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Here at Tapptitude, we invest a lot in the relationships we have with our clients and we value our clients’ feedback a lot. It’s the best indication of our hard work and proficiency. And there are few better ways of getting a pat on the back than seeing that feedback adding us to Clutch’s 1000 Best B2B Service Providers worldwide for 2019. Moreso, we’re placed in the top 20%!

There’s a Clutch Best B2B Service Providers Worldwide List and we’re on it!

Here’s a bit of context, so you can relate to our excitement better. There are over 27,000 agencies listed on Clutch and about 4000 of them are in the mobile app development category. Clutch’s ranking for 1000 Best B2B Service Providers for 2019 has been put together by looking only at the top 1% of the companies that have rankings on Clutch.
If you look at the ranking of agencies from Romania, we’re top of the list.


Position in list
of 1000 best
B2B service providers

2.Halcyon Mobile360
3.Adonis Software362
4.AB4 Systems320
5.Wolfpack Digital351

See the complete list here.

Why would you care about a top on Clutch?

Clutch is a platform that ranks companies by taking into consideration their experience, ability to deliver the desired services, and client satisfaction. Clutch’s rankings are also data-driven and verified, with the sole purpose of helping people make informed decisions when looking for a service provider. Every review is independently submitted to the Clutch team and verified before publishing. On our Clutch profile, we have 24 reviews with a solid 5 stars (maximum possible), keeping it consistent for the last 3 years.

What does it mean to have 5 stars on Clutch?

Clutch’s independent review system assesses four dimensions of working with an agency. These are:

  • Scheduling – how good are agencies at delivering on time their services
  • Cost – how accurate are estimations of a project and how well can an agency stick to a given budget
  • Quality – what’s the client’s satisfaction regarding the finished product and the communication with the agency
  • Willingness to refer – how willing are clients to recommend the agency to someone else

So what does our 5-star review streak say about us? It says that:

  • We are extremely good communicators: we keep in touch with our clients regularly (often daily). Our clients really appreciate it, especially when they are in a different time zone.
  • We are professionals. Not only is the quality of our code outstanding, but we also go out of our way to make sure that we meet all the deadlines. We work with speed and efficiency while also staying flexible to a client’s needs.
  • We put our all into a project. Our clients are our partners. This means we are invested and passionate about each project we work on. We come with our own ideas, take initiative in fixing issues and work on making your idea the best version it can be.
  • All our clients are happy to refer us to their business acquaintances when the occasion arises.

What put us on this list can help you build your next great product

The companies we work with are not simply our clients, but partners that we sincerely want to see succeed.

When you reach out to Tapptitude as a client, you don’t get put on a sales bandwagon. Instead, you get senior product people like a Product Strategist to talk to you, who know both business and tech and can understand your needs.

When we ask you about your project and your budget, we’re not interested in bloating the project value as much as possible. We’re interested in helping you find the best solution to get you validation and results.

And when you develop your product with us, you get a transparent workflow, tracked progress and a dedicated project team who listens to you and works to build your product.

We’re the right mix of size and expertise to offer cost-effective product solutions, qualified teams and a lot of care and attention to detail. As self-praise is no praise, here is how our clients describe their partnership with us:

Their patience showed that they value cultivating a long-term partnership more than just making money. Tapptitude delivered high-quality code that required minimal changes during QA, ensuring a quick adoption into app stores. They integrated well with the in-house staff and successfully communicated across time zones. The team offers practical insight to achieve an improved product.

Jordan Manavian Director of Product, PeopleFinders

We are thankful for our clients’ trust and seeing our work being recognised only motivates us to keep improving and perform at a high level!

Erika Kramarik

Erika Kramarik

Full-Stack Marketer

Erika is a full-stack marketer passionate about the intersection between technology and social impact. She mixes research with content design and a human touch to help people and startups succeed in delivering value through their work. When not writing or talking to people, you’ll find her reading or quoting Hamilton for any life situation.

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