See what’s going on anywhere in the world via someone else’s phone camera. Just like being there yourself.

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About the app

Visor is a map-based mobile app that allows its users to request images of different locations or objects from other app users. The starting point of this mobile project was an honest wish for people sharing and helping each other out.

Jason White, founder of Visor, wanted to give smartphone users the ability to see images of faraway places by using other people’s phone cameras. In order to do so, the app would need to use social logins for quick profile creation, GPS tracking, map pinning and a quick discovery of other profiles – by using the phone’s battery in a fairly efficient way.

Visor - Places feed


When Jason came to us, he already had a pretty clear vision of what he wanted the app to be. The main challenge was to create a user flow that would make the entire process of discovering other users, requesting a job and responding to a request, very clean and straightforward.

Thus the UI had to be spot on and offer the mobile user a simple and enjoyable experience. Besides that, a tight integration with Apple Maps, the use of GPS and an efficient use of phone battery were other important elements.

“I've worked a lot with the tapptitude team. They're very capable and knowledgable on all matters iOS and Android and I'd be shocked if there was a mobile app they couldn't build!“

Jason White | CEO Visor
Visor - People sharing places


The Visor iOS and Android mobile app developed by us was a full package deal. From UI & UX, to social media integration, the team worked its best in order to make the user discovery and interaction as simple and enticing as possible.

The solutions brought by us range from map integration and GPS tracking, user notifications, live updating feed of photos based on user location, to social media integrations. As the monetization strategy of the Visor app included payments for requested jobs, we had to come up with a payment solution. We decided to integrate Stripe.

  • Mobile Product Strategy
  • Native App Development

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