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About the app

Trilulilu contacted us back in 2011 – the same year we started working on their new project, Zonga – when they felt their mobile applications needed a radical improvement. Mobile usage was skyrocketing in Romania, so they decided to launch a set of new mobile applications for Android and iOS.

The project proved to be quite complex, as the Trilulilu apps must include most of the features found on the website, including uploading and streaming multiple types of media files.



For the mobile apps to do an excellent job of enabling the user to savour the content found on the Trilulilu website while on the go, we eventually had to build up a custom video player, suitable for the two native apps.

We made sure that the apps were both easy to use and intuitive, providing the option of directly uploading videos within the mobile application.

Uploading one’s own videos and streaming the available content within Trilulilu were the main focus when developing the two native apps for iOS and Android. While managing a lot of data, the Trilulilu app still had to be fast and intuitive, in order for the end user to actually have a good time using it.



As mentioned above, the best way to develop the two native apps for Trilulilu was to build a custom video player with native elements, that would fit the product just right.

We were set out to make the Trilulilu apps fun and engaging so that the users would love using them. So we kept in mind that they had to be interactive. Thus a proper social media integration was a must for the two apps.

Messaging, setting up one’s profile, liking and commenting on videos – all of these are possible. Videos are also categorized by content type, encouraging the user to savour the videos freely, to his own liking.

  • Product Concept
  • Native App Development
  • UI/UX Design

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