Magnet Goose

Turn your dearest moments into cute fridge magnets with this iOS mobile app.

Magnet Goose - Create a magnet from your favourite photos and send it anywhere in the world for 5$

About the app

Magnet Goose is a single-purpose mobile app, enabling its users to turn their photos into delightful, high-quality fridge magnets that they can send anywhere in the world with free shipping.

When discussing the product concept of this mobile app, we thought about the photos we all have saved up from our last trip somewhere. Or from a party with friends or maybe a certain photo collection we’re proud or fond of. And we said to ourselves: how about we no longer keep those memories hidden away in the phone’s camera roll? How about we let them see the light of day while decorating our surroundings.We then knew that we had a winner.

Magnet Goose - Modify your photos and turn them into beautiful fridge magnets


There’s nothing complicated about the app – nor for the user, nor was it for us building it. But we wanted to make 100% sure that the app is beautifully designed, as well as useful for the user.

We wanted to keep the entire user flow as simple as possible – just a few steps for designing the magnet, as well as placing the order. And even just this last bit of placing an order meant, amongst other things, integrating 3 different libraries in order to enable the users to scan, validate and save their credit card details.

We also worked on some neat photo editing features, including adding text to the magnets to be.

Magnet Goose - Delivering custom fridge magnet anywhere in the world


While the app covers the entire process of turning a picture into a cute fridge magnet, we wanted to make sure we had a nice and clean UI, and a straightforward user flow. We integrated the Stripe, Braintree and CardIO libraries, for a both safe and simple paying process.

The picture editing feature empowers the user to crop and turn the pictures however, allowing great attention to details. There’s not even the need to log in – unless you want the app to remember the magnets you’ve created, your addresses and card details. Notifications keep the users aware of the current status of their orders. 

  • Mobile Product Strategy
  • Native App Development
  • Mobile UI / UX Design

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