A clear & smart view of your day-to-day activities and interactions, making planning ahead a breeze.

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About the app

KALiiN mobile app is here to help you manage your time, activities and interactions with others. It’s a smart personal assistant wrapped around a calendar app, enabling the users to always have a clear view about their daily activities and coordinate with others when doing something together. Be it personal or work appointments, KALiiN – your life concierge – will make sure you manage your time just right, in order for you to make the most of it.

KALiiN was born from the creative minds at Varanidea. Teaming up with tapptitude meant shaping their innovative idea into a useful & appealing mobile product, for anyone looking to profit from the hours within a day to the fullest.

KALiiN for Android - event view


There were two challenges in developing this app. First, we worked hard to make this calendar-like app different from the ones already on the market at the moment. Second, we wanted to condense the flows of creating a new activity on KALiiN: the criteria used for setting said activity help the mobile app make better suggestions in the future.

KALiiN will find the perfect time slots for the user to fill with activities of all sorts.

Therefore, throughout the strategy and prototyping sessions we focused on finding the simplest approach to solving the typical issues with calendar apps: too many steps and too many fields when creating a new activity.



Richard Grover - CEO @ KALiiN

“The team at Tapptitude are talented and client focused. Our team’s experience with them 100% positive. They do not just meet a client’s expectations. Tapp went beyond our expectations and has become a true member of our team, bring their ideas, product suggestions and direction to the table. From native development to backend services, to UI / UX and marketing, this team delivers! Period. They are also flexible and dynamic in their approach. And most importantly, they are trustworthy.“

Richard Grover | CEO KALiiN & VaranIdea
KALiiN - Calendar View


At the centre of the KALiiN mobile app is a time management wheel, that’ll give the user an overview of his entire day: the time slots that are already filled out with an activity, be it personal or professional, and the slots of free time. The smart part is that KALiiN will learn what the user likes to do in his spare time. Setting up the AI-abilities of the app meant implementing a fair number of APIs, as well as building some of our own. KALiiN is all about making the best of a user’s free time, while neatly organizing all of his activities.

We designed a very customised flow and a totally new process for choosing the time intervals, location, and guests when creating a new activity. Also, every new activity a user creates is registered as a template, bringing speed and convenience when creating another similar event. We delivered full backend implementation, from all the server-side bits to API and the analytics infrastructure, completed to the status of full-stack solutions.

  • Mobile Product Strategy
  • Native App Development
  • Mobile UI/UX Design

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