Great product opportunities emerge from troubled times.

Over 60 product experts. Over 100 products built so far. By an award-winning team.
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We're here to help you build that product, end to end.

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Opportunity lies inside

Thousands of people now need better digital solutions to build their new normal

Home, the new centre of our lives

Thousands of people stuck inside, who need solutions to go on with their lives, to feel normal again.
Serving the new centres of our lives - our homes - has become a billion dollar opportunity in 2020.

New behaviours, new opportunities

What’s important for many of us changed. But the core needs are still there.
We still need tools to work and study from home, to train at home, to have fun at home. Thousands of opportunities emerging now.

Daring visionaries are needed now

In difficult times, there are a few who see how the world will look after and who have the courage to act when everyone else awaits for something to change.
We're here to help you create that change.

Someone needs your product now

We're here to help you build that product, end to end.

Market strategy

Product and Market Strategy

  • Product definition
  • User definition and profiling
  • Performance infrastructure
  • Product value mapping
  • Business modelling
UI and UX

UX and UI Design

  • User flow creation
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • UX research and user testing consultancy
  • Full UI design
  • Design assets for app stores

Backend Development

  • RESTful JSON API development using Node.js®, Golang or PHP with full documentation
  • Database solutions using MongoDB or MySQL
  • Hosting on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Heroku
Mobile Web

Mobile and Web Development

  • Native iOS app development
  • Native Android app development
  • React Native app development
  • Angular
  • Web development using Angular, React or Vue.js

QA and Testing

  • Manual testing which includes: functionality &, compatibility testing, UI & performance testing, smoke testing
  • Automated testing
  • Crash reporting
  • Unit testing

AI, Machine Learning and Data science

  • Data and AI strategy
  • Data mining
  • Data visualisation
  • Machine learning implementations
  • Natural language processing
  • Deep learning

Launch solutions

  • App Store and Google Play setup
  • Basic optimisation for app store listings and design assets
  • Advising on go-to-market plans
  • Validation plans for MVPs

Product maintenance

  • Maintenance solutions
  • Ongoing development and product updates
  • Dedicated product team
  • Advising and consultancy on scaling-up

Product building process fit for the real world

We work with a custom framework for product definition, building and validation, that allows you to launch a product in less that 3 months, with the minimum investment before market validation. Working with us, you gain time by launching the product faster and reduce the risk you need to take to launch your business.


Senior Product Strategist

Product strategy

Get the right business model insights

Product sessions to draft your business model, discover unique value propositions that resonate with your users and define the smallest product you need to build in order to validate that opportunity.

Guided by a team of senior product strategists, with extensive digital business experience.


UI/UX Designer

Fast prototyping

See the product before investing in development

Making the product decisions visible by wireframing and fast prototyping, in such a way that the core experiences of the product can be tested before any coding is done.

Delivered by a product design team with UX background and solid product knowledge.


Senior Tech Lead

MVP development

Make it weeks into the market not years.

Building the minimum product to deliver the core value for your users, with full testing and a product management process that brings clarity and speed. Laying out the foundations for market validation and growth.

An integrated team to deliver a full-stack product, both on front-end and backend.

What you get:

  • Full product assistance
  • Complete UX & UI designs
  • Scalable development
  • All around testing
  • Product launching
  • All IP, designs & code

Let's build that product!

Tell us what's your brilliant idea and we'll help you build a product that works.

Tell us your vision

Your business is in good hands

When you ask clients that have worked with us what they appreciated the most, some will mention the quality of design and code, some the ease in which we collaborated. What they all mention - every one of them - is that they appreciated getting a partner that challenged them to make the best version of their product and become aware of their market.

Tapptitude meets every deadline and ensures that we stay under budget. They’ve dug deep into our product, making it their own and figuring out how they can add value. The team came up with many ideas on their own to improve our platform. This level of partnership distinguishes Tapptitude from other companies I’ve collaborated with.

Jacqueline van der Gracht

CEO @ My Dialogues

We appreciate that their team focuses on creating the best possible final product. Throughout every step of the process, they have been detailed and determined. Instead of being task-based like some vendors, they look at the project as a whole. They push back to create the strongest ideas and it makes my team better.

Daniel Spijker

Senior Product Manager @ Discogs

Other clients that trusted us

Turk Telekom


We are over 60 people passionate about building products people love to use, based in Cluj-Napoca, London and New York. We're app and web developers, UX and UI designers, product managers and strategists, testers and marketers, and we’re focused on delivering full-stack mobile apps to new and funded startups alike.

Why you should work with us now?

Launch MVP

Launch your MVP in less than 3 months

With a team of professionals on your side, watch us take your idea and turn it into a product ready to launch and validate in less than 3 months. You can start working on product-market fit and generating revenue earlier than you’d think.


7 years experience as a Product Studio

We’ve been designing and building products for the last 7 years. We’re on top of every new trend and tech stack, and we also gained the experience to understand what it takes to build a successful product no matter the industry.


Working remotely is business as usual for us

We’ve worked with founders from Europe, US and Australia. No matter the time zone or the prefered project management tools, we’ve adapted our agile processes to fit. We’ll set each other up for open and consistent communication at all times, so you feel like you’ve got an extended team on your side.


We’re committed to your product’s success

If you’re looking for a bunch of yes-men to bow to your requests, you’re in the wrong place. We’re committed to your product’s success, and sometimes that means we’ll disagree. But we’ll help you turn them into productive conversations and guide you towards making better decisions for your product’s chances of success.

Let's explore opportunities together.

You can partner up with an award-winning team of 60+ product specialists, to help you get from an idea to a launched product.