Tapptitude Named Deloitte CE Impact Star in 2021

5 Min Read • Dec 14, 2021

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We’re always honored when our common efforts are acknowledged. Like when Clutch named us the #1 B2B company in Romania last year, or when Ontapp, one of the projects we worked so hard on, won at the App Developer Awards in 2021. This is not about us bragging, really, it’s not! It’s just that such milestones remind us how much we love what we do, and give us further motivation to keep creating awesome mobile products for our clients. 

This time around, we’ve been recognized by Deloitte, in their Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2021 report! Tapptitude has been nominated as an ‘Impact Star’, one of just three companies from Romania to be included in this category. We want to take this opportunity to congratulate Gama IT and Wave Studio, the other Romanian companies featured in this category! 

About Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Program

Now you might be wondering, what is this report all about? 

Well, it’s a report that Deloitte releases each year, focusing on different regions. The Central Europe report ranks 50 fast-growing technology companies, whether public or private, based on percentage revenue growth over a period of three or four years. The companies operate in various tech-related sectors, such as media and communications, software, hardware, clean energy, life sciences and healthcare. 

The Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2021 winners were selected based on the revenue growth recorded over four years, from 2017 through 2020. All the companies included on the list have base-year operating revenues of €50,000 in 2017, 2018, and 2019, and an operating revenue of at least €100,000 in 2020. 

They also have to be headquartered in a Central European country, such as Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia. 

Each winner must own proprietary intellectual property or proprietary technology that is sold to customers as products, and must have an ownership structure that doesn’t include majority-owned subsidiaries of strategic entities. 

Tapptitude, Deloitte Impact Star in 2021

The Technology Fast 50 ranking by Deloitte includes one more category besides the main top 50 ranking: the Companies to Watch category, including Growth Stars and Investment Stars. Growth Stars are companies that, as their names may show, are still growing, but already proved great potential. They have a base-year operating revenue of at least €10,000, and a currency operating revenue of at least €30,000. Investment Stars are companies that have earned the greatest total investment from January 2018 to May 2021 – a minimum investment of €500,000. 

The Impact Stars is a special category where Tapptitude made the cut, and if you ask us, it’s the best category to be in! According to the Deloitte report, Impact Stars ‘is a special classification of entities which successfully link great products/services with a positive impact on at least one of the following: society, business, innovativeness, environment and diversity.’

Why this matters to us

It makes us super proud to be included in this category, as our ultimate goal is to build products that improve people’s lives in a meaningful way. It’s hard to step back from our day-to-day work and our to-do lists, and try to draw a line to see if what we’ve been doing has made an actual difference for someone in the long run. 

Businesses try to do this every day, whether they’re providing products or services. Startups, especially the ones we’re looking to service, have an even harder challenge before them: they’re looking to have a strong impact, at scale. For them, it’s about building a product capable of delivering value in a way that brings a meaningful change in a way somebody does something, whether it’s how they keep in shape, or eat healthy, or order in a restaurant, or travel around the city. Our CEO Gabriel Dombri explains what makes our journey with these startups so special: 

As a service company, it’s always tricky to prove impact. It’s like with sherpas who carry the load in arduous Himalayan climbs: you only hear about the expedition leads and hardly ever about the sherpas who were there to help them prepare and move up the mountain. It’s a similar situation when you do what we do as a product studio: when we are the core product team of great companies who grow high in the startup ranks around the world, you always hear about their  funding rounds or great traction or their famous list of VCs, while we sit proud and quiet behind the scenes.

And we can hardly talk about this ourselves, because it would sound like boasting or simply because it’s so natural for us just to be there with our partners and do the quiet work. It’s a humbling exercise we committed to years ago and we practice it sprint after sprint, month after month. But we know how impactful it is what we do in all those products and this fuels our motivation constantly.

In this context, having someone like Deloitte spot our contributions feels like an amazing recognition of our efforts in the last years.

Gabriel Dombri Tapptitude CEO

A shout out to the #TappSquad

We can’t talk about awards without mentioning the MVPs (most valuable players, this time) who made this possible. And that’s the #TappSquad, who plans, and designs, and codes, and debugs every day. 

I also believe this ranking is a solid validation on our efforts to create a very strong product squad in Tapptitude and set up a work environment where we do things that have impact in the lives of millions out there, while keeping a necessary balance in our work-life equation. And let’s not forget: this whole thing was due to you, fabulous people from the #tappsquad. I thank you all, folks, for pushing the load everyday.

Gabriel Dombri Tapptitude CEO

Our satisfaction comes from a meeting that’s been productive, a sprint that comes to a close with a great release, or an end of the week where we can chill and enjoy each other. What makes Tapptitude really stand out is that we’ve created the kind of work environment where people feel comfortable being themselves, but also ask questions and prod at things they feel aren’t working quite the way they should, until they get fixed.

Life at Tapptitude in 2021
Life at Tapptitude in 2021

The #TappSquad is always looking for new members ready to make an impact. Check out our open positions below.



Tapptitude is a mobile app development company specialized in providing high-quality mobile app development services, and a top-rated app company on Clutch.

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