New York, here we come!

We’ve been holding this up a bit, but now it’s time we release this bit of really great news: Tapptitude has joined forces with our long-term product partners from Brooklyn, New York, Archbolt.

Less than a month ago we finalised the acquisition and during the last weeks, we fully integrated our two teams operationally.

Archbolt offers a proprietary “new venture validation” framework which focuses on empowering more founders, entrepreneurs and enterprise innovators across industries. The team in New York said they were “thrilled to join Tapptitude and become an integral part in the delivery of first-class technology solutions and business lines to enterprise organizations.”

This move allows Tapptitude to have a deeper focus on the US innovation ecosystem and offer on-the-ground assistance for defining and building digital products to scale-ups and corporates that plan to launch scalable products around mobile experiences.

Our team in New York will focus on helping corporates and local startups define and better validate their products, then manage the delivery of product solutions that we still execute in our Cluj-Napoca headquarters. You can read more about this in our press release here.


Corporate ventures ramps up

According to a Barron’s report around corporate investing, global enterprises are looking to invest in and launch new ventures as latest industry moves have shown. Kellogg, Starbucks, 7-Eleven, JetBlue Airways, State Farm, and Capital One Financial have launched venture arms investing in mobile payments, “digital loyalty” technology, and kiosk-based keys. Corporations worldwide participated in 3,234 venture deals last year, worth a record $57.1 billion, according to CB Insights.

Gabriel Dombri, Tapptitude’s CEO, saw this acquisition as a move to tap more into this emerging trend:

We’re extremely pleased with the growth we’ve seen to date of enterprises investing in building new ventures. After opening our office in London, this expansion in New York is a significant step up in offering product solutions that start from a deep understanding of local markets and growth challenges. And when we couple our product development expertise with what the Archbolt team brings to the table – a great mix of new venture experience and creative thinking -, the value we create for our product partners grows exponentially.


We’re super excited to get the ball rolling in this space and, Coronavirus or not, we believe that tech innovation is needed even more these days. And the brands that already have high stakes in their markets have an even bigger incentive to move the needle in that direction. Tapptitude is here to help, be it in New York, London, Berlin, Geneva or Sydney.



Erika Kramarik
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