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hooked creepy chat stories app

Saying that we’ve been hooked on the Hooked mobile app ever since we’ve installed it is partially true. We love love love the idea, and the app itself is really straightforward. We hate the fact that you only get one story a day in the free version of the iOS app versus three stories a day for the Android app (woo-hoo Android). Boo. The Hooked – Chat stories app is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can install it free of charge and enjoy a limited number of creepy and bewitching stories you’ll get a day. Or pay up to $39.99 a year for unlimited access. tapptitude's app of the week hooked creepy chat stories app

How to get hooked on chat stories

As mentioned before, the app is really straightforward. It’s built around the chat stories the Hooked app delivers to its users and there’s nothing keeping you from enjoying them to a max. For your first time using it, the app will serve you up with the day’s story – just go with it. tapptitude's app of the week hooked creepy chat stories app Use the little owl-button in the upper right corner to filter the results. Find the stories that interest you the most, though it’s fun to pick one randomly. And don’t keep the fun to yourself: share your favorite stories via Facebook or Twitter. Make sure to hit ‘em up with a comment or a like; you’ll just have to sign in first. To do so, tap the small emoji in the lower-left corner of the screen and create your very own profile.


What’s hot?

Chat stories

This is the first app of this kind we’ve come across. Thumbs up for the idea. We’ve heard so much about storytelling being such an important part in our lives via different mediums. It’s awesome to see it implemented in the mobile world like this. We think it’s a very modern take on some of the things that describe the present times.

Write your own chat stories

This is the app’s neatest feature, we think – of course, besides it being one of a kind overall. All you have to do is sign up with your phone number and enter the 6 digit code you’ll receive in a message. Then you’ll move onto creating your account with all the necessary details. Having your own account assures you have a library of all the stories you’ve tapped through, as well as the ability to create your own stories. It’s really fun, we definitely recommend. tapptitude's app of the week hooked creepy chat stories app

What’s not?

Shaky UI

Navigating around in the app is not as obvious as we would’ve liked it to be. It took a little getting used to, to figure out how to go from one story to the main menu. Which really shouldn’t be the case for an app as simple as this one.


The app could definitely use some bug fixes. We’ve been confronted with not being able to exit the Edit your profile screen for a very, very long time. Please fix 😀

Limited number of stories in the free version

We really were hooked on the app after the first story. And really disappointed to find out that we had to wait an entire day to read another one. Of course, there’s always the possibility of buying your way into unlimited access. But still – getting people hooked and leaving them empty handed like that isn’t the nicest. tapptitude's app of the week hooked creepy chat stories app

Bottom line

We like this app a lot. It could use some bug fixes here and there and maybe a somewhat more obvious UI sometime in the future. But as is, we think this mobile app is very cool – it’s entertaining, easy to use. We really like how it imitates today’s reality. It has a modern take on storytelling that we can only applaud.

(Note: We are not affiliated or endorsed by this app. We just really love mobile apps and we want to share them with the world and give people great mobile experiences)

Get the Hooked – chat stories mobile app for your iOS device here. Get it for your Android device right here.



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