There are hundreds of sport and workout apps out there and it’s really difficult for any of them to stand out. But there are a few that do that and, we’d say, have better chances of actually being useful for us, the sporty types. So is the Freeletics Bodyweight app, out of a series of three apps including: Freeletics Gym and Freeletics Running.

App of the week- Freeletics - Workout, Running & Bodyweight Application - Wearables

This can be your go-to training app, suitable for both iOS and Android, that you can personalize to your own liking. It’s an individual training plan, with high intensity workouts, adapted to you and your goals, as the creators state. The apps proposes a freemium model, with enough free content to get you going and get into the other, paid exercises fully prepared.

First off, you’ll be asked a few questions about who you are and what you want. The app is tailored to your personal wants and needs regarding a workout routine, so you’ll have to choose whether you are male or female, how fit you are at the moment and what your goals are. Do you want the app to help you get toned, fit or really strong? Do yourself a favor and be honest. The app doesn’t care where you’re at at the moment, it just wants to help you fulfill your wish – and that’s one of the greatest parts about it.

Next you’ll be handed a workout that suits you best. Don’t worry about getting a good score, because there is none. Just do your best and let the app take care of the rest. And don’t worry about not being a pro when it comes to the perfect burpee. Every workout has a set of videos to help you out: take a close look at how you’re supposed to do the exercises for maximum results. Oh and did we mention those cool names the workouts have? Greek mythology fans out there, prepare to be amazed!


What makes this app stand out is the fact that it wants to make you your own personal fitness trainer in a way that is both useful and fun. Certain elements of gamification are present in the app and encourage you to always strive for your personal best: point scoring and timing for every training you work through, competing with others and even rules of play.




What’s hot

Freeletics is totally personalized

The app is personalized in every way – you don’t have to care about anyone or anything else other than doing your best and fulfilling your workout goals. Stay focused, keep track of your progress and get fit – are you up for the challenge?

Take your workout everywhere with you

You can take your workout anywhere you want, anywhere you feel comfortable working up a sweat – literally.

Motivating feed – we’re all in this together

Not that high on the motivation scale these days? Take a look at your feed: everyone there is on the same path as you are. Getting your dream body is not an easy task, but it sure isn’t impossible. Read through other people’s stories and you’ll find your inspiration.

What’s not

Freeletics is only half free

Half of the routines are blocked out in the free version – which kind of made us feel like we were missing out on a lot. The coach programme of the app, which is one of its best features, is also not free of charge – not even for a small try. And at €34.99 per 3 months you can’t really say it’s cheap (but you can buy a 12 months subscription for €79.99).

Takes up storage space

Videos showing you how to correctly perform the exercises have to be downloaded on your phone first, before actually playing. Could that bring up some issues with your phone’s memory? Could be. But still, check this out!

We would’ve loved the chance to see what the coach programme actually works and looks like before having to pay for it. Just a little taste wouldn’t harm anyone, now would it.

Bottom line

This is a great all-in-one workout app: you have a ton of exercises and trainings, you can keep track of your results and challenge yourself to do better every time you use it. And the greek mythology spin on the whole thing makes the app a lot more fun.


(Note: We are not affiliated or endorsed by this app. We just really love mobile apps and we want to share them with the world and give people great mobile experiences)



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