Best App Agency in Romania? Clutch says so!

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Article by Gabriel DOMBRI
Product Strategist & CEO

Creating an app can be a treacherous curvy road. From ideation to publication, there are many steps during which snags or disastrous accidents can occur. At Tapptitude, we know the roads and understand how to fix every hitch. We’d tell you to think of us as a roadmap, but really, we’re more like Google Maps. We have over 40 product specialists and offices in Romania, England, and the United States. Unlike some other app developers, we don’t outsource our code or otherwise cut corners. Instead, we take the time to meet with clients, understand not only their short-term goals, but also their company vision. Through this method, we have altered the trajectories of innumerable partner-clients.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Clutch ranks Tapptitude as the #1 app developer in Romania.

The B2B ratings and review site, Clutch, recognised us as the number 1 app agency in Romania in their annual report on the Top B2B Service Providers in Romania

That’s right, we topped the list! To take the number one spot, we had to apply and refine numerous technological strategies and methods; there is no replacement for experience and hard work. But most importantly, and in truth, our clients are our greatest achievement. Without our beloved clients, we could not approach the level of success we have found.

Clutch amalgamates customer testimony collected through analyst interviews, in-depth and revealing quantitative data, and representative case studies to paint a vivid picture of various companies in a slew of industries. Based in Washington D.C., Clutch is used by a large swath of companies to enact more transparent and efficient transactions. Information matters.

Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest, also looked to Tapptitude as a chief app developer, making the top 100 app developers list. This is an elite group of industry-changing companies that represent top-notch capabilities and services. While being at the height of our game is fulfilling, and while the recognition is flattering, none of it would mean anything if not for our clients.


We’re product partners to awesome clients


The CEO of Cognitive Training Company explained what makes Tapptitude different: “They are a full-service development partner for us, where ‘development’ is not defined as technology development, but as product development. This is what sets them apart. They look at the problems we’re looking to solve for our target audience and at the values we want the product to reflect. They only start to work on the solution at the end. Their love for lean development comes across clearly.



Sergiu Biris, CEO of Zonga Music, celebrated the work Tapptitude regular creates: “Tapptitude is serious about the work, and they take the time to understand our needs. They’re not the type of agency where a client can go and start the work straight away. Tapptitude will take the time to understand and go through the details of our needs and requests, and determine if all the details of the project are understood on the business owner’s side, so that they can control costs better going forward. This is something which not a lot of agencies offer, and it’s a good attribute of Tapptitude.


For more than fours years now, Tapptitude has been crafting excellent apps that sprout from fantastic ideas resulting from our partnerships with clients. We stocked our team with the best talent and more combined knowledge about app development than anyone could possibly require. But that’s not what makes us different. Our understanding of people, what makes them tick, what their needs and quirks are, that is how we found our success. 


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Gabriel DOMBRI Product Strategist & CEO

Business strategist with product focus. Digital Entrepreneur passionate about building tools that help others live better lives and helping committed founders de-risk their product investments and cross the valley of death with their startups. Product strategist & CEO here in Tapptitude.