3 must-haves for a cool rooftop party – Tapptitude style

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Article by Sinziana Chitea
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Remember when we told you there were going to be a few more perks to life at tapptitude from now on? Well, we like to keep our promises. A few days ago we had our very first rooftop party and we had a blast. The weather was nice, the food was yummy, the music was good and the overall mood was great. It was the perfect way to end the day.

So if you ever find yourself working in a building that has a rooftop and a beautiful view of the city, don’t even think about it. Make sure there is a rooftop party happening as soon as possible. It’s what we decided to do and everything turned out great. You already know we like sharing, so here it goes:

1. The more the merrier

Tapptitude has grown bigger and bigger in the past year. Our tapptitude team building weekend made us grow closer together and left us wishing for another event that would recreate the enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere of those days. So after everyone was done with the workload for the day, we all gathered upstairs. The rooftop was party ready: a DJ made sure nice music was playing in the background and a bartender was ready to serve us up with our favorite drinks.

 Tapptitude-Rooftop Party-Party People copy

2. Good food, good mood

Food is supposed to make people happier and it certainly did in our case. The guys made sure we had some yummy barbecue ready in no time. We also placed a big order of fries and grilled vegetables.


And let us not forget about the delicious cakes our party mastermind Simona picked out from un dulce de la Vlad Muresan – we were after all celebrating the birthdays of five of our dear colleagues. There was no way this party could go without birthday cakes.


3. Enjoy the moment

It’s safe to say we all had a great time. There was nothing uber-fancy about the party – and there really was no need for it. We are a group of people working well together and having a lot of fun whenever we get the chance. We ate well, told stories and laughed, played some table soccer, danced and sang to some of our favorite tunes and had a great time while the sun went down.


We plan to turn all of this into a tradition. Not just the part where we party – though we want this rooftop party to be one of many more to come, but also the part where we stick together, communicate openly and share what we think and feel. It’s what we have found works best for us tapptituders. 

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